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Scale Your Business, without Worry.
Affordable High Performance Cloud Servers

Managed VPS Cloud Servers


Born in the cloud, Applied Innovations has offered VPS Hosting and Cloud Servers since our inception in 1999. Today Applied Innovations is one of Microsoft’s closest hosting partners and industry leaders in high performance, secure cloud servers on top of Hyper-V.

Our Microsoft Windows Cloud Servers and Managed Linux Cloud Servers offer all of the functionality and performance of the cloud, at prices that are comparable to classic VPS servers. In addition, you’ll get daily backups, automated updated, centralized antivirus and 24×7 expert support with every Hyper-V powered Virtual Server.

Why Choose a Managed Cloud Server


Peace of Mind, Included

Automated backups, managed malware protection and 24x7 proactive monitoring included.


Built Fault Tolerant

Multiple levels of redundancy built into our cloud platform to minimize impact from hardware failures.


Scale On-Demand

Unpredicted traffic? Seasonal Demands? Scale your server instantly!


Experts On-Demand, 24x7

Our team is monitoring your environment around the cloud and available even at 3am.

Managed Cloud Servers

Scale, Security and Performance all On-Demand

With our Managed Cloud Service, ServerConcierge, you can focus on your business while our experts manage the day-to-day server details. You're not in the IT business so why are you doing IT work?.

> Proactive Performance Monitoring, 24x7.
> Security Monitoring and Remediation, 24x7.
> Backups & Disaster Recovery Managed, 24x7.
> System updates and maintenance performed on your schedule.
> Streamlined administration and support.

It’s like hiring a full-service,
highly-skilled IT team for
about the price of a
double-shot latte a day!

Custom Cloud
Server Solutions

Every Deployment Uniquely Optimized
To Your Unique Business Demands.

Every business is unique. While you may use the same tools and have similarities in your industry, your business is unique. The team at Applied Innovations will take time to understand your business, your needs, and goals. Then our team will work with you to help design a Managed Cloud Solution that helps you meet those needs.


As Low as
$249 95

  • 8 GB of Memory
  • 1000GB of SSD Enhanced RAID Storage
  • Daily Backups with 7 Day Retention
  • Full ServerConcierge Management

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