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At MIX’11 in Las Vegas we officially took the covers off our new elastic cloud hosting offering and started providing our first sneak peek.  For over a year now, our team has been working to build a self healing, dynamically scalable, shared hosting platform that would continue to deliver on performance, speed and security.  In fact, everything we’ve done with Microsoft around virtualization, Windows Server 2008 & IIS7, load balancing and our Hyper-V Cloud platform has all been components of what will become our elastic cloud hosting platform.

Just what is it? What is Awesome?

The Awesome Elastic Cloud Hosting platform, or  “awesome cloud” is simply the evolution of shared hosting.

Awesome Cloud Hosting Eliminates the What-Ifs…

In the past when you were on shared hosting you shared the hardware resources of a single server with hundreds, if not thousands, of other users. If your site was expecting a huge surge in traffic you’d have to make plans to move to a powerful server where all of the resources could be dedicated to just your site. That’s assuming you had the forewarning that this surge was coming otherwise you probably panicked when your site went down because it was overloaded and overloading the server it was one. 

Now, what if you could just flip a button and have your site spread across 2 or 3 or 12 different web servers? Then when the traffic subsided you could go back to just 1 server just as easily? 

Better yet, what if you didn’t have to do anything at all! What if, The server automatically did it all for you? That would be awesome!

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Awesome Cloud Hosting Eliminates Hardware Failure Worries..

How about this scenario. Today in shared hosting your server is a single server. If that server experiences a hardware failure, your sites are down. This could be for a few minutes or a few hours.  Let’s face it, we’re all grown ups and we all know that hardware fails, not today, not tomorrow but some day that hardware is going to fail. What happens then? 

What if you never had to worry about hardware failing or a web server corruption or failed server reboot again.  EVER!!

That too would be awesome.

Awesome Cloud Hosting is easy

Today, almost every customer we work with is deploying some sort of popular application, WordPress, DotNetNuke, Umbraco, Joomla, etc.  No matter how easy the developers try to make it though, you still have this install process to run through, files to edit, permissions to set, databases to create ..

What if you could install any application you wanted with just one click!


It really couldn’t be any simplier, select the application, agree to the application’s licensing terms and click install..  That’s Awesome!

Awesome Cloud Hosting is advanced

Today, WebMatrix is all the buzz among web developers as it’s one of the most powerful editors available today and it’s totally free! 

What if your hosting automatically supported webmatrix and you’re able to see all of your webmatrix information on one screen and download a publishsettings file that will import all of these settings into webmatrix with just a click:


Yeah .. That’s awesome!

Awesome Cloud Hosting is Scalable

With the awesome cloud hosting platform we wanted to make this as scalable as possible. Today we’re supporting 4 web servers for your website (we call them web workers) but we could just as easily increase this to 6, 8 or more!

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What if you could scale your site across more than one web worker by just moving a slider..

Dare I say it.. Awesome!


Experience Awesome Cloud Hosting.

What if you could be part of the revolution and help shape the future of web hosting … make that cloud hosting, today! Well, you can and you can do that at 

You know it.. That’s awesome so go signup at

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