Introducing Jennifer Cooley, Account Manager at Applied Innovations

JenniferFearless Editor sat down with Jennifer Cooler, Account Manager at Applied Innovations, to talk about teamwork, couponing and her shocking aversion to chocolate.

Fearless Editor: Let’s get the basics out of the way first. When did you start at Applied Innovations?

Jennifer Cooley: I started in the Accounts Receivable department in August 2010. I worked there for a year then returned as an Account Manager on March 6, 2013.

FE: What did you do before AI?

JC: I was actually an Office Manager for a wholesale military supply distribution company.

FE: What surprised you most about the company after being hired?

JC: The work environment is wonderful. Everyone is so helpful and I love the teamwork.

FE: You must be happy to speak so well of your co-workers! What was one of the funniest moments you’ve experienced at Applied?

JC: I was not officially back yet, but I thought the way everyone decorated Jess Coburn’s, our CEO & Founder, office for his birthday was hilarious!

FE: You’ll have to show me later! For now, let’s move onto the fun stuff. Tell me about your favorite hobby/hobbies:

JC: I love extreme couponing. It’s a fun challenge that literally pays off!

FE: Fun and productive? Great idea! What got you into that?

JC: The economy crash back in 2010. Money was tight so I had to get a lot with a little. Now I do it to see if I can save more then I spend. It’s a fun challenge!

FE: It’s a great thing some things are cheaper in Florida. Speaking of, are you from Florida?

JC: No, I was born in Goshen Town, Indiana. I moved to Florida when I was one year old and have never been back. I currently live in Palm Beach County and love it.

FE: Husband? Kids?

JC: Yes and yes. I’m married with two children. I have an 11-year-old daughter named Aly and an 8-year-old son, Alex.

FE: Dogs? Cats?

JC: Two dogs – Kila is a 3-year-old collie/German shepherd mix and Maximus Prime (I was outnumbered in the naming vote for this one) is our 10-month-old black lab).

FE: I bet that’s interesting when it’s discipline time! Now let’s discuss your favorite charity or cause and why it’s important to you.

JC: I am a volunteer teacher at my church’s Sunday school. I have the privilege of teaching Kindergarten and first graders. Some of the things they say and getting to see how their little minds work is wonderful.

FE: Quotation to live by?

JC: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” – Albert Einstein

FE: Great quote. Let’s have some fun. What is the strangest eating habit you have?

JC: I do not like chocolate or coffee.

FE: Wow, lucky you! I wish I could resist chocolate. Let’s wrap up with one more fun question – tell me five things that are on your bucket list.


1. Rocketman experience (in Ft. Lauderdale)

2. Skydiving

3. Go to Europe

4. Swim with sharks

5. Visit the Mayan Ruins

It was great getting to know more about Jennifer and her experience at Applied Innovations. Connect with Jennifer at

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