Windows Server 2008 Is Released!

imageOver the years, we often been coined as leading innovators in Windows Web Hosting and (my favorite): The Windows Hosting Experts. Our work with Windows Server 2008 is an example of just why we are considered as leaders. We started working with IIS7 in 2006 with the earliest betas of Longhorn (later to be called Windows Server 2008) and first introduced our customers to a beta version of IIS7 hosting on ‘LongHorn’ at the start of February last year.  Then we released Windows 2008 Dedicated Server Hosting back in November of last year and earlier this month we got the go-ahead to start offering Windows 2008 dedicated hosting using the RTM build and have quietly been promoting and deploying dedicated servers running the production version of Windows Server 2008 ever since. Today is the official launch of Windows Serer 2008 and soon the rest of the world will join in and follow suit but as leading innovators in the hosting Industry and the Windows Hosting Experts we are proud to be able to state we brought Windows 2008 Hosting to you, our E-Business Partners, in such a way that you had the opportunity to be among the first exposed to Windows Server 2008.

Today in Los Angeles, Steve Ballmer will keynote the global launch of Windows Server 2008. This event will be followed over the coming months with launch events all over the globe as well as a virtual launch experience.  You can learn more about the Launch events as well as register for a launch in your area at the heroes happen here website. 

With all the fanfare there are of course a few questions that have come up regarding Windows Server 2008 in a hosting environment and I thought I’d spend a little time discussing the most common questions here.

What are the different flavors of Windows Server 2008 and will you offer them?

There are currently five versions of Windows Server 2008 in the family: Enterprise, Datacenter, Standard, Web and Itanium. Each version except Itanium can support Server Core which is a reduced footprint installation of the OS.  Each version except Itanium and Web can support Hyper-V, Microsoft’s new Virtualization platform. 

Of course, each version is also available as a 64bit and 32bit operating system. It’s rumored that Windows Server 2008 will be the last Server OS to support 32bit

We currently support all versions of Windows Server 2008, except Itanium. All of our dedicated servers deployed today with Windows Server 2008 can support either the 32bit or 64bit version (available upon request).  Here’s an overview image of the different versions and the full details are available from the Microsoft website.

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What’s new or updated in Windows Server 2008?

Microsoft has available a table detailing the different versions and what’s new or updated in each on available on their website. Below is a screen shot of this table.


How do the different versions of Windows Server 2008 Compare?

Below is a table outlining the different technical features and specifications of each version this is available from the Microsoft website.


Below is also a table showing the different server roles available in each version, also available from the Microsoft website.


Lastly, the image below shows the differentiated features in each version of Windows Server 2008, also available from the Microsoft website.


What’s this Hyper-V and why is there a with and a without version of Windows Server 2008?

Hyper-V is the new Virtualization technology from Microsoft, it’s currently in BETA and will not be fully released until mid-year 2008. We can install it upon request but the default install is without Hyper-V.

How much is each Windows Server 2008 license on a Dedicated Server?

This is the big question, just how much money is it going to cost! The good news is during the initial launch period we’re installing Windows Server 2008 Web Edition, FOR FREE!.  Afterwards current monthly pricing (which could change) is as follows:

  • Windows Server 2008 Web Edition: $25
  • Windows Server 2008 Datacenter Edition: $50
  • Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition: $150
  • Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition: $250

The recommended setup would be Web Edition for front-end servers (web servers) with Datacenter Edition for back-end servers (database servers, application servers). You’ll notice that pricing from 2003 to 2008 has changed considerably, in the past you were able to license a dedicated server with standard for about $25/month per CPU and now it’s $150/month per CPU and this change is hosting industry wide. The reason for the change is that the previous licenses were “un-authenticated” licenses and Microsoft has discontinued “un-authenticated” licenses. Because of this change all licenses are now licensed as “authenticated” and thus the higher price. It should be pointed out that authenticated licenses were always this much.  Because of this change in pricing we except to see more licenses of Web and Datacenter editions going forward.

What kind of promotions are you running?

With the launch of Windows Server 2008 we’ve created a very appealing bundle:

  • A Dual Core Xeon based Dell Server with 1GB of memory and 2 160GB drives
  • A Free SmarterTools Bundle ($500 Value)
  • A Free license of Sharepoint Designer to all Windows Server 2008 Dedicated Server Customers
  • Free Licensing of Windows Server 2008 Web Edition
  • and A Free Month of hosting!

This package is priced at just $190/month.

Where can I learn more about Windows 2008 Dedicated Hosting?

You can learn more about our Windows Server 2008 Dedicated Hosting offering by going to our Windows Server 2008 Dedicated Server page. If you’re a developer
and considering a new dedicated server, we recommend you review our Windows 2008 Developer Dedicated Hosting page. Finally, if you attend any of the launch events, you’ll receive a flyer in your bag of goodies with a link to our developer ready Windows Server 2008 dedicated hosting landing page.

When will we see Windows 2008 Shared hosting available?

We’re currently working on our roll out of production Windows Server 2008 shared hosting as we have been for the past year. Because Windows Server 2008 offers so many new features and capabilities we feel it would be an injustice to not offer as much of these features as possible with the initial launch and this has been the delay. Expect to see an announcement of Windows Server 2008 shared hosting in the coming days.

When will we see Windows 2008 VPS Hosting?

Unfortunately, this will most likely be a few months away, but should happen before the middle of the year. Since Hyper-V is still in beta and Windows Server 2008 is still relatively new there’s still a fair bit of work to be done.

What’s next?

This year is going to be a very exciting year for not only Applied Innovations but the entire web community. The release of Windows Server 2008 is bringing so much change to the hosting industry that we’re all extremely excited. Whether, you’re an ASP.NET developer, a PHP developer or just a web designer, 2008 is going to be a year dedicated to you and one you should be equally excited about.  My advice, stay tuned and as the technology evolves and is ready for production you can rest assured that Applied Innovations will be among the first to bring it to you.


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