Introducing WebsiteSpark Hosting at Applied Innovations

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Earlier today Scott Guthrie (ScottGu), Corporate VP of Microsoft Developer Division, announced WebsiteSpark and I’m pleased to announce Applied Innovations is offering WebsiteSpark hosting as a hosting partner and network partner.  If your company’s primary business is Web development or Web design you can signup immediately from our website.

Visibility, support and software for professional Web Developers and Designers – at no upfront cost!

WebsiteSpark is a new program designed by Microsoft to ‘Spark’ the development and growth of independent web development and web design firms that build applications and websites for other companies.  WebsiteSpark provides eligible companies THREE YEARS of no cost software licenses. Once a company is enrolled in the program they’ll receive:

Free Software Licenses for Developers

  • 3 licenses of Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition
  • 1 license of Expression Studio 3 (which includes Expression Blend, Sketchflow, and Web)
  • 2 licenses of Expression Web 3
  • 4 processor licenses of Windows Web Server 2008 R2
  • 4 processor licenses of SQL Server 2008 Web Edition
  • DotNetPanel control panel (enabling easy remote/hosted management of your servers)

Free Support, Training and Assistance

  • Two technical support incidents per program membership
  • Training events and activities
  • Unlimited access to technical manage newsgroups on MSDN
  • Unlimited program support for non-technical issues
  • Access to broad community support though connections with Network Partners, Hosting Partners, and peers with complementary services and technologies

Free Marketing Assistance and Lead Generation

  • They’ll also receive unique lead generation opportunities and listing in the WebsiteSpark marketplace.

Exclusive Hosting Discounts and Promotional Pricing

  • As part of the WebsiteSpark program, companies will receive exclusive WebsiteSpark  discounts on Windows Web Hosting services from Applied Innovations.

Empowering innovation on Microsoft’s most powerful Web Platform to date.

Applied Innovations is pleased to be one of the first web hosting companies invited to be a member of the WebsiteSpark program and excited to be able to deliver even more value and innovation to our core customer base: web developers and web designers.

We believe combining our web hosting service with the Microsoft WebsiteSpark program will provide you the best value and most reliable, experienced and innovative hosting available today.  If you want to learn more about WebsiteSpark, please feel free to contact If you’re ready to signup for WebsiteSpark now, visit the WebsiteSpark portal and during signup be certain to select Applied Innovations as your hosting/network partner.

About the Author

Jess Coburn

In 1999, Jess set out to start a Web Hosting Provider that would leverage innovative technologies while making them available to businesses in a way that was easy to understand, easy to use, and affordable. Experienced as a Web Developer and Web Server Administrator, Jess knew that he could help businesses succeed online and be not just a service provider, but a true online business partner. Prior to founding Applied Innovations, Jess was an Electrical Engineer with Motorola and was employed there for close to a decade. At Motorola, he was a member of a research team that developed next generation digital communications systems. It was while at Motorola that Jess was introduced to the Internet and began his fascination with the Web during its infancy. He took that fascination and turned it into a passion that continues to drive the direction of Applied Innovations, which is now a recognized leader in Windows Hosting and specializes in ASP.NET, E-Commerce, Advanced Web Application Hosting, and Cloud Hosting. In his spare time, Jess enjoys many of the things that made him a geek to begin with. That includes sexy new hardware, technological innovation, video games, and even the occasional comic book! When you can’t find him at the office (which admittedly is rare), you’ll likely find him at the grill or in front of his smoker getting ready for some lip-smacking ribs to enjoy with his wife and two kids.

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