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$100 Free Advertising from Yahoo! and FREE processing from PayPal has partnered with PayPal and Yahoo! to bring you a special offer just in time for the holiday season. Signup today for the Yahoo! PayPal Checkout Program and get more customers — plus save money at the same time.  Here’s the benefits:

You’ll get noticed on Yahoo! search results with a shopping cart icon next to your ad.


Your ads on Yahoo Search will stand out among the crowd with a shopping cart icon next to the ad title, giving you the extra something special to make your ad more enticing. 

You’ll be able to tap into PayPal’s network of users, with over 150 million accounts

By offering PayPal Express Checkout your shoppers will be able to checkout quickly and easily using PayPal Express Checkout.  PayPal Express Checkout is probably already supported by the shopping cart engine you’re using and requires little more than signing up for it with PayPal and enabling it in your shopping cart.  Some of the shopping carts hosts today that supports PayPal Express Checkout include: aspdotnetstorefront, bvcommerce, storefront by LaGarde, CREloaded, OSCommerce, The Commerce Starter Kit and ProductCart to name a few.

You’ll get FREE checkout transaction processing through April 30th 2008!

PayPal is offering free checkout transaction processing for all merchants through April 30th 2008.

How To Get Started Today!

To get started you’ll want to make sure you have a Yahoo Sponsored Search account already. If you don’t, Click here to sign up for a Yahoo Sponsored search and get in additional bonus $50 of free search credits.

Next click on the banner to the left and sign up for paypal promotion. If you don’t already have a paypal business account you’ll be prompted on how to sign up for one, but don’t worry it’s free to have a PayPal business account.

That’s all there is to it. In about 10 business days your Yahoo ads will have a shopping cart icon and you’ll receive your $100 of free clicks in a couple weeks. is dedicated to being your online business partner and this is just an example of the great offers you have exclusive access to as a hosting partner. In fact today we offer more than $275 in free advertising offers through our various search partners, $150 savings in website security and several hundreds of dollars in free software or discount offerings all through our hosting partner marketplace.

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