5 Benefits of a WordPress Blog

Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has evolved into one of the most popular blogging platforms available, claiming over 25 million users. As an open source project, it’s not only free to use but it has a community of thousands of contributors all over the world creating themes, plug-ins and widgets, as well as offering support.

Getting started with a WordPress blog need not be daunting. WordPress.org even offers a whole section of documentation called WordPress for Beginners.

The benefits of blogging to any small business are well-established:

1.     Take Advantage of One of the Most Inexpensive Marketing Vehicles Available

You can spend thousands of dollars a month on PPC (pay per click advertising), print promotion or direct mail. But with a little bit of time and effort you can create your own advertising and informational platform with a blog.  For FREE.

2.     Establish Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert or Thought Leader

You know your product or service better than anyone. Why not share that knowledge through informational and editorial blog posts? In the process, you’ll establish credibility for yourself and your business. You will become not only a source for the product or service you sell, but also a definitive resource for information on the subject.

3.     Build Community and Improve Communication

People want to be engaged and develop a relationship with the brands and products they frequent.  Give them a way to do that with a blog. Even negative commentary can be turned into an opportunity to establish rapport and prove your commitment to providing helpful solutions.

4.     Generate a Constant Stream of New Content

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In the era of King Content, a blog is an easy, fast way to constantly provide fresh, new, relevant, unique content, which the search engines love.

5.     Create links back to your website to boost PageRank

Backlinks indicate to Google that your website is relevant. The more threads of connection from other relevant, highly-ranked sites, the better your PageRank will be. Initially, your blog won’t have an impact.  But gradually it will begin to make a difference as your blog generates its own following and backlinks.

Applied Innovations has been hosting WordPress from the beginning, and even offers a One Click Application Installer for the application right from the hosting Control Panel. And if you want to host more than one WordPress blog from the same hosting account, we can provision an additional database for your account for a nominal fee. Whatever questions you have, our team will be happy to provide answers.

“Whenever help is needed, they are there, and work with me until the questions have all been answered,” states Carol Smith, a web designer who has been hosting her clients’ WordPress sites with Applied Innovations for years.

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