7 Ways We Have You Covered

Applied Innovations has you covered “7 ways till Sunday.” So relax. Go ahead and take the vacation you’ve been planning. You deserve it. And with Appliedi, you can stop worrying about your online business.

Applied Innovations delivers hosting solutions that are built out over a truly world-class infrastructure. Every aspect of our infrastructure is designed to meet the demands of online businesses today and in the future. If you are concerned about the safety and reliability of your hosted business data and operations, here are a few facts that you will be very interested to learn.

1) Applied Innovations provides hosting solutions across three world-class US-based datacenters.
2) Each datacenter provides 2N+1 redundancy across all key infrastructure components, including power, cooling and connectivity and are among the best datacenters in the world.
3) The Applied Innovations network backbone features fully redundant routing and switching utilizing Juniper routers and Cisco switches.
4) Our network offers over 6 GB of available bandwidth across multiple redundant connections across 8 different Tier 1 service providers for upstream access to the global Internet.
5) Advanced IPS technology offers protection against malicious content such as Worms, Virus and Trojans.
6) Protection against potentially devastating network attacks is provided through stateful firewall filtering.
7) DDoS mitigation protects against rate-based attacks.

At Applied Innovations, our goal is to provide you with hosting solutions that exceed industry standards, and instill a deep level of trust with our customers. With 7 layers of state-of-the art infrastructure supporting your hosted applications and websites, you know you’re covered. That means you simply don’t have to worry about your website. So you can take the vacation you deserve this summer.

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