A Back-to-Basics Marketing Checklist


Refresh your marketing efforts for 2012 by running down this Back-to-Basics checklist of things every marketing program should consider.

Slogan, Tagline and/or Value Statement. Got one?  Great. Got all three?  Better.

Refresh your Company Description. If you don’t have one already, you should prepare several versions of different lengths to be used in different situations.  Probably a 100-word, 250-word and 500-word description will do.  But you may need different versions to communicate with different audiences, as well.

Current Company Profile.  Think of this as a resume for your business.  One or two pages is perfect.  Depending on your audience, it can be a simple word document or a high-impact printed brochure.

Logo Library. First, do you have a logo?  If not, it’s easy to have one designed.  It doesn’t have to be anything mind blowing – a simple word mark is often the best solution.  You should have a variety of graphical images of your logo in different sizes, orientations and formats.  Define how your logo should be used on dark vs. light backgrounds and bright colors.  How about a horizontal version, a square version and a vertical version?

Press Release Calendar. A Press Release is a powerful tool that creates visibility and drives traffic to your site. You should shoot for pushing at least one release per month.

Blog.  You are a subject matter expert (SME) on your business, product or service.  Write about it.  Ideally, you want to write about it A LOT – daily or weekly at least.

Social Media Strategy.  Start with baby steps , if you haven’t already.  Facebook.  Then Twitter.  Then YouTube, maybe.  Just start.

Directory and Local Listings.  Chip away at this a little at a time.  If you’re a location-based business, be sure to capitalize on local and review listing sites. If you’re a virtual business, investigate industry-specific or vertical directories that target your ideal audience.

Newsletter. Stay in touch with your customers by initiating a regular (monthly or quarterly) newsletter.  This should be integrated with your Blog and Social Media strategy, as well. Best of all with icontact, you’ll get this feature for free!

Website Audit.  Take a fresh look at your website and think about what you could easily do to optimize it for Search Engine visibility (SEO) or even just provide greater clarity about your product or service.

Business Cards. Do your cards promote the image you want to project? Sometimes it’s nice to just start over with a new look.  Maybe consider including a QR code, your Twitter handle or Facebook profile, or your new slogan, tagline or value proposition.

Giveaways. Do you have some small token to give customers, clients or industry colleagues? What about something on hand to offer prospects to remember you with? Put some serious thought into this. Ideally, you want it to be something that is memorable, clever, relevant and of some value (humor value counts for a lot!)

Signage. If you have a physical office, is the building and way-finding signage eye-catching and effective?  If not, what about your business vehicle?  You can promote your website with window decals and vinyl lettering or even magnet signage on your doors.  Invest in an “ego plate” license plate or just a customized license plate frame. If you participate in expos or sponsor events, be sure to maximize your presence with sufficient signage.

Pay Per Click. If you haven’t taken advantage of Google’s or Yahoo’s free introductory offers (they often offer $50-100 free PPC credits to new advertisers) you are missing out.  It’s a risk-free chance to learn just how effective and easy PPC advertising is.

SWOT Analysis. Review your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.  It’s interesting to see how your perspective changes from year to year, and what insights you gain through simply going about your daily business.

About the Author: Lyza Swearingen Latham is principal of Acute Visibility | BMO.  Acute Visibility|BMO specializes in Brand Marketing Optimization – everything that goes into helping companies be found, recognized and profitable: Website Design, User Interface and User Experience Analysis, SEO, Social Media, Traditional Advertising, Customer Relationship Management, Branding, Events, Product Launches and maximizing conversion rates and ROI. Contact us at www.acutevisibility.com.

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  1. Kristian Oberon on January 10, 2012 at 7:13 AM

    Hi Lyza!
    Great post! Marketing experts have to realize that no matter how seemingly popular their business is at the moment, they are always just as good as their last marketing or sales pitch. Reinvention should always be the name of the game. All of us marketers and advertisers need to update our marketing styles and be open to changes so we can grow and move forward. Have you applied these tips to your present work already?

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