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Adding a blog to your website will give you numerous benefits to your search engine ranking.

Two of the most important aspects of a blog are the ability to easily add content to your website and building links to your content which will cause search engines like Google to index your site more frequently. Before you begin you must decide where to install your blog. You have several choices:

  • Install your blog on a sub-domain (example:
  • Installing your blog in a sub-folder (example:
  • Installing your blog as its own website on a new and entirely different domain name (example

For the purposes of this blog entry we will be discussing the effects of installing your blog within a sub-folder or on a sub-domain and later we will discuss the advantages of adding an additional blog on a separate domain (option 3) at a later date.

Option 1: Installing your blog on a sub-domain

A sub-domain in Google is considered a separate site for SEO purposes. For example, Google sees as being different from

For this reason, when initially setting up your blog it will benefit you to set it up with a sub-folder. At a later point we will discuss why setting up your blog on a sub-domain could be beneficial.

Option 2: Installing your blog in a folder within a sub-folder

We recommend installing your blog in a sub-folder within your primary website. Installing a blog directly on your site in this manner will help your main website to increase your rankings the search engines by building several links to your main website and providing fresh content on your main website to keep the search engine spiders frequently visiting your site.

We support numerous different blogging applications and tools. One of the most commonly used though is the opensource and free WordPress. Through this series of articles we’ll use WordPress, ofcourse these same principles apply to other blogging platforms.

A great feature in our control panel is the Application Packs installer. With the Application Packs installer you can install several different applications with just a couple mouse clicks.

To learn how to install a blog directly on your website, such as the free blog platform WordPress in your web hosting control panel, watch the easy to follow video below.


Over the next few articles in this first series we will be taking a in-depth look at how to customize your WordPress blog and maximize its SEO benefits. We’ll also discuss how to use your new SEO friendly blog to increase your rankings in the search engines and much much more. So in the meantime, it’s a great time to follow the video and install your WordPress blog.

Stay tuned to learn more about your new WordPress blog.

If your are not currently a customer of and would like to receive more information on blogging or our services, please contact us today at 866-706-8691 or visit us at

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