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All About Applied Innovations’ State-of-the-Art Secure Network and Datacenters

Our infrastructure promises maximum reliability, security and performance.

At Applied Innovations, we have constructed our entire infrastructure to deliver maximum reliability, security and performance. We set our standards far above the industry accepted minimums because that differentiates us from our competitors.

To feel confident in your choice of web hosting partner, you need to know that your website will be accessible at all times, your information will be safe, and your data will be available transparently, without latency or delays. You don’t have time to be an expert on bandwidth, routing and switching, power supplies or border gateway protocol. Applied Innovations will take care of that for you.

But if you’re interested in seeing how we deliver on that promise, here are some key elements of our formula.


Applied Innovations houses our servers across three different datacenters, each offering unique advantages, and together establishing a powerful foundation for our hosted offerings.

We use a broadly distributed architecture, which means our systems are dispersed intelligently across over 2,500 servers at 3 datacenters. The majority of our servers are housed at the Terremark NAP and Telefonica Key Center in Miami, FL, both highly secure, Tier-1 Internet Backbone Access Points and Tier IV Class Facilities. In addition, we also maintain clients and disaster recovery servers at Hurricane Electric in Fremont, CA.

All our datacenters are entirely managed and secure, employ complete power and cooling redundancy and provide hands-on access and/or remote hands control, as needed.


NAP of the Americas Features
  • 750,000 square foot, purpose-built datacenter
  • Tier IV facility with N+2 power and cooling infrastructure
  • Equipment floors 32 feet above sea level
  • Roof slope designed to aid in drainage of floodwater in excess of 100-year storm intensity assisted by 18 rooftop drains
  • Designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane with approximately 19 million pounds of concrete roof ballast
  • 7 inch thick steel reinforced concrete exterior panels
  • The building is outside FEMA 500-year designated flood zone
  • SAS 70 Compliance

For more information on our primary datacenter facility, please view the NAP of Americas Fact Sheet.


Applied Innovations assembles best-of-breed solutions into one integrated network solution that is much more effective than the mere sum of its parts. Our network employs a fiber Ethernet MAN, BGP4 redundancy, public and private networks, carrier-grade routing and switching equipment, and redundant core and edge infrastructure. And all monitored 24/7 on multiple systems by our highly skilled, dedicated support team.


Every element of Appliedi’s security protection scheme is designed to work in concert with all other elements to create a multifaceted system composed of both hardware and software. SPAM, Malware, Spyware, Trojan Horses, Viruses are filtered and disabled at one or more points in the scheme to guarantee the cleanest, safest hosting environment for Shared, VPS and Dedicated plans.


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