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Thank you for your continued partnership with Applied Innovations! Our mission is to provide worry free hosting services, so our customers can focus on their business and provide value to their customers.  Reliable email services are a core part of this mission. We understand the vital role that email plays in your day-to-day operations.  In continuing our mission, we are pleased and excited to announce upcoming improvements to our shared email services.

Spam has advanced from simple annoyance to severely impacting obstacle.  Incoming and outgoing spam limit your ability to effectively communicate through email.  To combat this ever evolving threat, we are implementing additional services in two phases over the coming days and weeks.  Our first effort (phase one) will be focused on outbound spam mitigation.

Starting Wednesday January 8th, we will begin a process of updating and upgrading all shared mail servers in order to implement new services to combat outbound spam, address server blacklisting issues and resolve problems pertaining to users of Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). Shared mail servers are those used by clients within our shared hosting plans (e.g. ValuePlus, VS-1, VS-3 and Reseller) and customers with fully managed dedicated or fully managed cloud servers not running their own mail servers. Clients who run and maintain their own mail servers are not subject to any changes at this time, but we encourage you to review the following information as these updates and anti-spam services can be added to your accounts if desired.

We’ve created knowledge base articles to detail these plans and dates of execution.  It’s important for you to take a few minutes to review and familiarize yourself with the upcoming changes.

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Kindly review the following links:

After reviewing the articles, should you have any additional questions, please contact us at any time by emailing, utilizing our live chat services or calling 866-706-8691 and using the option for support.

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