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AppliedI Partner Spotlight: Arrow Consulting & Design

Applied Innovations is committed to cultivating and nurturing mutually advantageous relationships through our Partner Program.  One of our most successful partnerships has been with Arrow Consulting and Design, a Palm-Beach-based firm specializing in custom development resources for ASP.NET, Windows/WPF, SharePoint and Silverlight, as well as web development, internet marketing, and graphic design.

The Applied Innovations and Arrow teams initially were introduced through a mutual client, and over the years they would regularly run into each other at local User Groups and Code Camps.

“Slowly but surely, the Applied Innovations team lured us away from our previous hosting partner,” recounted Ryan Morgan, managing partner for Arrow.  “It was a combination of great prices, the promise of excellent service, and it seemed like we had a great opportunity for collaboration.”

Arrow brought a pilot project to AppliedI to gain insight into the hosting provider’s service, quality and reliability.  The first project went so well that Arrow brought in another, much bigger client.  The teams began to work more closely together, architecting special environments to meet unique customer needs, and collaborating on a few specialized requests that went above and beyond your everyday hosting solution. As a result, the teams formed a dynamic working relationship. Before long, Applied Innovations was actually referring clients to Arrow.

“Applied Innovations has really helped us grow our business,” continued Arrow’s Morgan. “That was an unexpected but very gratifying byproduct of our partnership.”

“Cara has always been great to work with. She has helped us meet some challenging budget limitations. As a result, we’ve been able to offer really competitive pricing to our clients without having to go to a discount hoster.”

“I attribute some of the inspiration for the Applied Innovations Partner Program to the working relationship we developed with Arrow Designs,” stated Jess Coburn, founder and CEO of Applied Innovations. “It evolved out of our mutual desire to help each other grow our businesses and offer superior service to our customers.”

The AppliedI Partner Program provides value to both the Partner and to their customer with the customer receiving a partner-specific discount on services provided.

“We really understand the ins and outs of environments of the servers, so that may lead us to make some unique requests of our hosting provider,” Morgan continued. “AppliedI is always extremely accommodating in giving us the specialized service we need.”

“A great example is the mobile website we built for Hilton Grand Vacations. They had some very specific needs,” said Morgan. “They were expecting high traffic and required a hosting provider that’s both reliable form a support standpoint as well as being able to deliver the service, scalability and reliability they would demand during their peak season.”

The Hilton Grand Vacations site launched this summer and is a candidate for Site of the Year at DotNetNuke World 2012 in Orlando this month.

To learn more about the AppliedI Partner Program, please contact Cara Pluff, Director of Marketing & Sales, at or 561-693-2664.

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