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On September 26th, “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (the popular ABC television program hosted by Ty Pennington) traveled to Holt, Michigan to tell the Nickless family that their 1860’s farmhouse would be remodeled in only seven days.  The Nickless family, like the other families featured on the show, have a very compelling story and are truly deserving of this gift:

After husband Tim Nickless passed away in January, Arlene and her three sons were left to fend for themselves in the dilapidated home. Therefore, Ty and his designers will rebuild the Nickless’ home to help them eventually rebuild their own lives after their tragic loss.

Tim Nickless was a true Renaissance man. This loving husband and father to three young boys was not only a respected nurse devoted to his patients but also a gifted craftsman, mentor and environmentalist. As president of the Lansing Area Flying Aces model airplane club, and a member of the Arbor Day Society, Tim had a lust for life and a love for all things living. However after a painful 7-year battle with Hepatitis C, Tim died on January 19, 2008. Arlene and her three boys are now on their own in a 148-year-old farmhouse that is in dire need of repairs. Its walls, floors, and foundation are deteriorating, and the old wiring is a fire hazard. Had he survived, Tim would have and could have turned this dilapidated house into their dream home. It is now up to Ty and his designers to do just that, for with Tim’s untimely passing, Arlene and the boys are desperate for help.

Finding a webhost that can help.

The builders and web developers for this project, Mayberry Homes and Preston Services realized early on that they could harness the Internet to help the project attract volunteers, donations and of course document the project online. So they launched and quickly realized that with the amount of traffic and buzz generated around the website that they would need more than just your standard website hosting service and approached their longtime hosting partner, Applied Innovations.

About the mayberry extreme web hosting account

Today the website runs on the Advanced Hosting plan, the VS-3. What makes the VS-3 stand out from other hosting plans is that it’s the same class of server hardware that powers our shared hosting infrastructure (A Dell PowerEdge server with dual quad core Xeon processors, Serial attached SCSI drives at 15K RPM in a high availability, high performance RAID configuration) but is limited to just 25 sites per physical machine. This configuration is ideal for those high traffic, high demand and growing websites that require more resources than a shared hosting plan would provide.

But what’s truly unique about the Applied Innovations shared hosting service and what helped Preston Services and Mayberry Homes select Applied Innovations was that we offer a ‘truly scalable, enterprise class’ hosting solution.

The site is not just hosted on a beefy shared hosting server with just a handful of other sites. It’s integrated into our hosting infrastructure and is able to take advantage of the entire hosting platform from a single management point.

Thanks to the design of our shared hosting infrastructure and customizations to our hosting control panel system should the site prove to require more resources than even the advanced hosting plan offers we can have the website migrated to a dedicated server in a matter of just minutes with near-zero downtime! To the hosting customer and web visitor, everything would still appear the same, the FTP accounts, the email accounts, email servers, the management interface, even the web analytics details would be the same and not be affected. Yet the site would be migrated to a dedicated hosting plan and if necessary a high availability load balanced solution could also be put in place with minimal impact. This is why Applied Innovations is proud of it’s ‘scalable, enterprise class’ hosting infrastructure and why companies like Mayberry Homes and Preston Services look to Applied Innovations to power their web projects.

What you can do to help and where you can learn more

If you’re interested in helping, remember you don’t have to be local to help out. Through the website you can make a donation that will go to help the project and family. In addition, Although the project is now nearing completion (building an entire home in just seven days!!) you can still volunteer to help or learn where you can go to help cheer on the workers as they finish the project at, where else, 

In addition to the media available on the website, the local area newspaper: the Lansing State Journal, also has a twitter feed on the project and full coverage (including videos and photos) of the project on their own site.

The TV show featuring the build will air in a couple months but keep an eye on the website, I understand it will continue to get updated even after the build is completed.

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