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Over the past several months we have been working diligently to provide a new support portal for our hosting customers. At Applied Innovations we strive to provide not only the best technologies and tools to our hosting customers but to make these tools easy to use and our support knowledgebase is no exception to this commitment. 

What’s a Knowledgebase?

The knowledgebase (or KB as it’s also referred to) is a self-help support portal located at This portal provides thousands of articles and references for our hosting customers on everything from flash tutorials on how to setup email in Outlook to how to install and configure dotnetnuke.

Why the change? I liked the old system!

The old knowledgebase was great but overtime it began lacking features and functionality that we wanted to provide to our customers. An example of this is the auto-suggest feature in our knowledgebase. 

articlesuggestFrom within the knowledgebase if you go to and submit a new support ticket as you’re typing the support ticket message contents you’ll see a search results panel appear suggesting articles that the knowledgebase believes are related to your question.

 The image to the left shows 3 different suggestions based on body of my support request.

By providing this type of live feedback to our hosting partners you’ll have easy, instant access to the answers within the knowledgebase.

The new knowledgebase also does a full text search on articles providing better results and more accurate matches.

Auto-Suggest is a great feature but it’s not the only reason we selected this new system. We wanted a solution that would provide better integration of livechat and email support. With this new system you’ll be able to log into the support portal and see all your past livechat and email support requests.  We find that often the same client has the same question and by providing a support request history you’ll be able to search through your past support requests quickly and find the answer to that past question.

What’s to come?

The Applied Innovations knowledgebase ( has been a key part of our hosting service since our initial webhosting launch in 1999. Over the years it has continued to be redesigned and improved upon and this is but the latest improvement. 

Our knowledgebase is accessed thousands of times each day from clients across the globe and is updated almost daily with new articles and information and we recommend you visit it frequently.

We hope the new changes to the knowlegebase are a welcomed addition to your hosting services.

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