ASP.Net 4.0 Support on Dedicated and VPS plans.

Applied Innovations is delighted to announce support for .Net 4.0 on all our Dedicated and VPS Hosting plans. A few of the highlights of ASP.Net 4.0:

  • With ASP.Net 4, WebForms controls now render clean, semantically-correct and CSS-friendly HTML markup.
  • Built-in URL routing functionality allows you to expose clean, search engine-friendly URLs for increased traffic to your website.
  • ViewState within applications is smaller and is now more easily controlled.
  • Other new controls, such as rich charting and data controls are now built-into ASP.Net 4 and enable you to create applications even faster.
  • ASP.Net MVC 2 is now integrated into ASP.Net 4, providing a great way to build sites and applications using a Model-View-Controller-based pattern.

ASP.Net 4.0 on Shared Plans

We have been extensively testing 4.0 integration with our Shared Hosting Control Panel and hope to have it ready to release in early June. However, for those customers that absolutely, positively MUST have it today, we have excellent deals available on VPS plans. Just call us at 866-706-8691 and mention “.Net 4 VPS Offer.”

Get more info about .NET 4.0 from the ASP.Net Home Page or Microsoft/Web.

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