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  • disaster recovery plan

    Is Backup Enough? A Quick Introduction to Disaster Recovery Plans

    Businesses of all size and shapes record their business data on computers so they can access that information later to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. For instance, a customer support department uses customer information to provide better-informed solutions to customers. A business development manager will use the sales and marketing data collected over the […]

  • mobilesecurity

    Mobile Insecurity and What You Can Do About It

    The smartphone market is growing every year, and serious businesses (including financial institutions) are considering a major shift towards mobile and cloud computing. The idea that everything, including financial and personal information, is now accessible with just a few taps (or clicks) is outstanding, but is it safe? According to CyberEdge Group: “Mobile devices are […]

  • malware

    Malware for Websites: How they can impact your site and how to steer away from the threat

    We dedicated our previous post to the importance of SSL certification and why it is essential for your customers to trust you. Did you know that only 44% of the traffic that comes to your website comprises of humans?  The remaining 56% are bots, impersonators, hacking tools, scrapers and spammers. Hosting Facts. Automated traffic is […]

  • Geographic Location

    Geographic location of the hosting server matters!

    Every byte present on the internet today is physically on a machine somewhere around the world. This machine with this specific piece of information is sharing it with anyone using the world wide web.

    But the most important thing you need to know is the location of the hosting server as that plays a vital role in the quality of its distribution.

    Lot of entrepreneurs, while setting up their online businesses, ask why they should invest more for hosting servers outside of their borders when the same services are available to them in their very backyard?

    But, young businesses fail to grasp the many factors that come into play for server location.

  • buying a domain

    Buying a Domain Name? Here is what you need to know

    I know this has been frequently discussed by many websites, and some have excellent ideas too.

    But the reason I felt it was necessary to discuss it again here on Applied’s blog is that things have changed a lot since the topic was last put under the microscope.

    SEO has become more complex, keyword-focused domains become less valuable, and branding is ever more important for online businesses.

    With all these changes, the rules of choosing a domain name have also evolved. If you are still going for old school ideas, you may choose a domain name that might not be of any help to you in the long run.

  • How to Buy Web Hosting for Better SEO Ranking

    Can good hosting get you higher SEO rankings? The direct answer is no, although bad hosting can not only demote your site among search results but can even make it vanish from Google altogether. Such situations are extreme, though, and most of us need not worry about changing our hosting company. However, site owners who may operate in a highly competitive niche and fighting for every inch of turf cannot afford to turn a blind eye to high-quality hosting.

    The reason is that all the meticulous efforts you put into inch ahead of the competition may be for naught if your hosting company damages your site at the last moment. It can pull down your ranking by causing one or more of the following issues that affect SEO.