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7 Habits of The Most Successful E-commerce Websites Owners

While the idea of building a website, snapping some photos of your products, uploading them to that site, and promoting your goods seems fairly easy and straightforward enough, anyone who runs an e-commerce business knows just how taxing and demanding this line of work can be. Although the work is difficult, it is far from impossible and…

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What are Azure Container Instances and how do I use them?

Due to the growing popularity and utility of containers, Microsoft Azure is now offering this emerging VM-alternative as a “top-level resource in Azure.” Azure Container Instances is now publicly available and generates both Linux and Windows-based containers. Here we’ll explore the nature of containers, a relatively recent innovation that can help you develop, deploy, manage, move, and scale your applications.…

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azure advisor - one of the tools we use for azure consulting in south florida

Microsoft Azure Advisor: What It Is, and How It Can Benefit Your Business

Microsoft Azure offers a full suite of cloud services for virtually every business application.  Users can find solutions for everything from digital marketing to e-commerce, SAP, DevOps, monitoring, business intelligence, analytics, disaster recovery, hybrid integration and data backup.  Although Azure makes it easy to subscribe to these services, configuring them to run applications can be a challenge.…

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Leveraging Azure Sphere for End-to-End IoT Security

With stories of remotely hacked devices and vehicles continuing to make headlines in 2018, security has become a top priority for every industry that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT). Stepping up to the plate, Microsoft recently introduced their end-to-end solution to the problem. On April 16th, 2018 at the RSA 2018 security conference in San Francisco, Microsoft…

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azure event grid

Using Azure Event Grid for Highly Scalable Event-Routing

Azure Event Grid is a highly scalable event-routing service that listens for specific system events, then reacts to them according to your precise specifications. In the past, event handling has relied largely on polling—a high latency, low-efficiency approach that can prove prohibitively expensive at scale. Azure Event Grid, on the other hand, provides a highly reliable,…

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Accelerate Your Resource Management with Azure Automate

Use Azure Automation to Accelerate Cloud Resource and Workload Management

As businesses move more of their computing resources and workloads to the Azure cloud, they often find that automated management of those resources and workloads can lag behind. Thankfully, Azure Automation bridges the gap. In this post, we’ll first explore six clear advantages of cloud management automation, including error reduction, standardization, reduced operational costs, platform-agnostic updating, streamlined…

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Process Data-intensive Workloads at Scale with Azure Batch Services

Azure Batch is a robust cloud-computing service that provides parallel batch-processing management along with clusters of VMs to efficiently tackle compute-intensive workloads of any size. Although large-scale parallel batch processing has been around for decades, it has long been restricted to those individuals and businesses with the funds and expertise to purchase and run high-performance computing…

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Leveraging the High Scalability of the Azure Blog Storage Service

Azure Blob storage is a massively scalable system for storing images, video, audio and other unstructured digital objects. Stored as blobs and housed in containers in the cloud, these objects are accessible to you anywhere in the world via unique URLs. Blobs come in three types (block, append and page) that speak to different cloud-storage needs and scenarios. Azure Blob storage…

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Leveraging Your Log Data with Azure Log Analytics

With Azure Log Analytics, you can gather and search log data from all of your resources, whether they reside on Azure, on another cloud host, or on-premises. Then you can transform the gathered data into rich analytics with AI-enhanced insights into your environment. To get started, choose between the free and paid options, then follow the…

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Accelerate Your Business with Azure Content Delivery Network

Azure Content Delivery Network (Azure CDN) loads your website’s content quickly and efficiently to users all over the globe, markedly improving your site’s performance while helping you achieve global reach. CDNs are already well-known for their capacity to quickly deliver local, cached versions of your static content to users anywhere on the globe at only pennies…

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