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The Heartbleed OpenSSL Exploit

A very serious vulnerability in open source software called OpenSSL was recently discovered which allows malicious users to pull sensitive information from web servers.  The good news for Applied Innovations customers is that we host your sites on Microsoft IIS which is not vulnerable to this exploit.  Microsoft’s IIS web server does not use the…

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Updated Password Standards

At Applied Innovations, security is one of our pillars for excellent service and we continuously strive to ensure we are adhering to a high standard. Because of this, we have implemented new password standards you may see next time you try to change a password in your control panel. Each user’s password must be at…

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PCI Compliance: Disabling SSL v2 and weak SSL ciphers

Disclaimer: The items mentioned in the following blog article involve making changes to your server’s registry. Incorrectly modifying your server’s registry can result in downtime or abnormal behavior causing unforeseen consequences. If you do not have much experience working with the registry or if you are not comfortable making these changes it is highly recommended…

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