Awesome.Net Cloud Hosting Has Officially Launched!


awesomeDid you hear? We launched Awesome.Net, our newest brand at DotNetNuke World in November.

Awesome.Net is an elastic, shared cloud hosting offering that provides customers with dynamic load balancing so sites automatically scale across multiple webservers as needed.  Built on top of Applied Innovations Hyper-V Cloud, the platform allows clients to scale from 1 to 5 web servers initially and the ability to scale to even more very quickly.

“This new Awesome.Net Cloud Hosting platform leverages our 12 years of experience in Windows Web Hosting and our leadership in Cloud hosting and Hyper-V Cloud Servers,” continued Coburn. “It creates a new breed of hosting that’s dynamically scalable, automatically protected from web vulnerabilities, fault-tolerant and most importantly optimized for best in class application performance.  This is truly an awesome product and rightfully branded as”

So why launch Awesome.Net at DotNetNuke World?

“Applied Innovations has hosted DotNetNuke since its inception as the IBuySpy portal starter kit back in 2002 with the first release of ASP.NET 1.0,” stated Jess Coburn, president and CEO of Applied Innovations Corp.  “Since that time we’ve hosted thousands of DotNetNuke sites and have learned a lot about supporting the application and its specific application needs.”

“So we decided to kick off the brand Awesome.Net Cloud Hosting at DotNetNuke World to showcase a custom-tailored cloud offering for DotNetNuke,” continued Coburn. “Not only is this the first cloud of this type built specifically and optimized for DotNetNuke, it is in fact the first cloud built to be application-specific.”

Mark Turkel, president of Palm Beach Software and a long time customer of Applied Innovations, was among the early beta test customers of

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“I love that we’re able to dynamically control the load balancing and spread our sites across multiple web servers,” stated Turkel. “My sites have never performed better!”

The cloud is built on top of Applied Innovations’ Hyper-V Cloud using Windows Server 2008 and provides full support for PHP, ASP.NET, MySQL and MS SQL.  Awesome DotNetNuke Cloud Hosting plans start today at just $9.95/month and include everything needed to run a DotNetNuke based site.

Although the initial launch of Cloud Hosting is limited to supporting DotNetNuke, the platform will soon be offered for a range of popular tools and applications. Stay tuned for further developments!

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  1. Will Strohl on January 4, 2012 at 11:41 PM

    This is very exciting, Jess. Congrats on the launch! 🙂

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    Whoops… Just realized that Cara wrote this. 😀

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