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Become a Cloud Reseller and Help Businesses with Disaster Recovery During Natural Disasters

Disaster recovery is probably two words that many businesses dread having to think about during the year. But as the new year now approaches and winter progresses, it’s time for businesses to take this seriously. Winter storms will likely become a major issue in places where it’s both common and uncommon. Natural disasters also are increasing everywhere in places we didn’t expect.

There’s some very good reasons why both you and other businesses need the cloud. By using the cloud and reselling it to other business clients, you’re additionally able to make money on the side while helping provide a solution that helps so many businesses prevent downtime.

That’s why with our our Cloud Reseller business, awesomecloud, provides a way for MSP businesses to use a while label cloud solution and sell Disaster Recovery that’s affordable, fast and easy to setup.

The Cloud Saving Businesses from Destruction

All you need to see are headlines from the last couple of years showing how businesses became decimated due to major storms. Hurricane Sandy two years ago, and then the Polar Vortex storm from last year, shut the doors on a lot of businesses, in some cases permanently. Had those businesses invested in the cloud, they could have done one major thing in preventing downtime and possible bankruptcy.

If you’ve never had experience with the cloud, it places all your data in a secure server that’s accessible anywhere you have Internet. This means when you have power outages, or your business headquarters becomes destroyed, accessibility to all your business data is still safe in the cloud.

For many businesses, their entire business is essentially online, including vital customer information. As part of a disaster recovery plan, it’s worth thinking about finding another location that has immediate Internet accessibility. When done within a short time, downtime gets cut to a minimum. Ultimately, your business and the ones you resell the cloud to will be the smart ones who won’t end up as a statistic in losing your business because you didn’t prepare for a disaster.

With our private label cloud reselling procedure, you’ll also save money yourself since you don’t pay for bandwidth. You’ll only pay for the cloud services you resell to others rather than deal with the hassle of unexpected fees.

Visit us here at Awesomecloud here in the new year to find out how great our cloud solution is and how it helps benefit every client you resell to.

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