Benefits of Cloud Hosting on Hyper-V

As both a technologist and business owner of a company deeply involved in the cloud, I have a fantastic understanding of what the cloud means from both a business and technology aspect and often I take that understanding for granted. Recently, I’ve come to realize is that today everyone wants the cloud! They don’t know what it is, what it means to their business but they hear it on CNN, read about it in the journal and everyone is buzzing about it so they want it. It’s literally a cloud feeding frenzy today. But just what the hell is this cloud thing? We’ve collaborated with Microsoft and put together a video describing the benefits of cloud hosting on Hyper-V and what it truthfully means to your business.

Some of the benefits of cloud hosting businesses realize include:

  • Achieving Highest Uptime
  • Decreasing Overall IT Costs
  • Increased Profitability
  • Increased Flexibility, Scalability, & Control
  • Portability and the Freedom to Manage from Anywhere

Applied Innovations was one of the two first companies to launch a Hyper-V Cloud platform and we built one of the largest implementations of the Hyper-V Cloud. For even more information about the Applied Innovations Hyper-V Cloud check out our Windows Cloud Servers.

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