BlogEngine.NET 1.2 Released

Last month we announced hosting and introduced you to a new ASP.NET based blogging engine.  Over the weekend, version 1.2 was released and brought with it many new features:

  • BlogML import/export
  • Extension model
  • Code syntax highlighting
  • ASP.NET SiteMap provider for static pages
  • Support for a static page to be the front page
  • Full comment RSS/ATOM feed
  • Intelligent error 404 page
  • E-mail notifications for future comments
  • Role provider
  • Extended in-site search capabilities
  • SLUG – the URL doesn’t change with the title
  • User control injection
  • Attachments on the contact page
  • Comment moderation
  • Much better Mono support

You can also check out the complete feature list. The team also extended the list of supported languages to 26! Here’s a quick list of them:

  1. Albanian by Besnik Belegu
  2. Arabic by Talal Asubaie
  3. Brazilian Portuguese by Luciano Evaristo Guerche
  4. Bulgarian by Todor Ivanov
  5. Chinese by AlphaWu
  6. Czech by Pavel
  7. Danish by Mads Kristensen
  8. Dutch by Jochem Bokkers
  9. English by Mads Kristensen
  10. Finish by Petri Roponen
  11. Flemish by oVan
  12. French by Jacques Philip
  13. German by Andreas Kraus
  14. Greek by George Chatzimanolis
  15. Icelandic by Sturla Þorvaldsson + Anna Rosenberg
  16. Italian by Stefano Malcangi
  17. Norwegian by Håkon
  18. Persian by Mahdi Taghizadeh
  19. Russian by Aleksey Samuleenkov
  20. Slovak by fruzicka
  21. Slovenian by Ales Vozelj
  22. Spanish by Claudio M. E. Bastos Iorio
  23. Swedish by Mattias Lindahl
  24. Thai by m3rLinEz
  25. Turkish by Gokhan Demir
  26. Vietnamese by Tinhoc

You can learn more about at the website. You can stay on top of the latest news related to blogengine at the blogengine forums and ofcourse if you’re looking for a host to support your based website, Applied Innovations fully supports hosting on all hosting plans.

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