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One of greatest features of wordpress is its ability to change the look of your blog in an instant. In wordpress the look of the blog is called its theme. Changing your blog theme is as easy as downloading a FREE theme from the wordpress theme directory , uploading it to your server and then choosing the theme in your wordpress control panel. We will demonstrate all of the above in the video below.

Besides FREE themes from the wordpress theme directory there are numerous other sites that give free themes away or sell them. Just type in Free worpress themes in google and you will find a long list. There is another option. You can have a designer design a custom theme for you. Finding a wordpress theme designers are not hard.

You can type wordpress theme designer in google and come up with a long list of candidates to do the work for you. One of the companies I have used in the past is . The owner of the company Lis-Sabin-Wilson even wrote the book on wordpress, literally (insert link for book).

The other option is you can outsource the project by using sites like, and We will talk more about outsourcing and the proper way to use these sites in up coming video and articles.

In our next blog article we will be talking about the different types of themes and how to make sure you choose one compatible with your blog and your goals.

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