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webmatrixAppliedI Labs  is a unique hosting environment allowing users to gain advanced access to beta test programs and new technologies prior to their formal release. AppliedI Labs launched in conjunction with the Microsoft WebMatrix Beta program, but will be rolling out several other initiatives this summer.

 AppliedI Labs extends an open invitation — to both Applied Innovations’ customers and the development community at large — to experience and participate in shaping new technologies, platforms and applications.

 “AppliedI Labs is an embodiment of our commitment to deliver the most innovative tools and technologies for customers seeking to stay ahead of the curve,” stated Jess Coburn, president and CEO of Applied Innovations. “The AppliedI Labs servers are independent and isolated, so it’s a secure environment to explore and test freely.”

As one of the exclusive hosting partners for the WebMatrix Beta Program, Applied Innovations is offering free hosting to all Beta participants from now until the formal launch of WebMatrix in early 2011. Space is limited, so sign up right away if you’re interested in participating.

More About WebMatrix

Seamless, small and free, WebMatrix features a complete web dev stack that installs in minutes and elegantly presents a web server, database and programming frameworks in an integrated experience. WebMatrix will streamline the coding, testing and deployment of any or PHP website. It also dovetails with all of the most popular open source apps such as DotNetNuke, Umbraco, WordPress and Joomla. Running right on the desktop, WebMatrix makes the transition from development to production smooth and seamless by utilizing the same powerful web server and programming environment that runs websites on the Internet.

“WebMatrix is a task-focused tool that is designed to make it really easy to get started with web development,” reported Scott Guthrie in his July 6, 2010 blog entry. “It minimizes the number of concepts someone needs to learn in order to get simple things done, and includes and integrates all of the pieces necessary to quickly build Web sites.”

More About WebMatrix Beta Program

The WebMatrix Beta Program allows early adopters a unique opportunity to experience WebMatrix months in advance of the market release. Totally free and open to anyone, the program gives users a chance to see for themselves how easily WebMatrix integrates workflow for seamless development using free open source community apps.

We’ll keep you updated about AppliedI Labs as more interesting programs are rolled out.

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