Cloud Backup: Why It Works and Why You Should Use It

Cloud backup is rapidly becoming the go-to method of backing up data. It is significantly more efficient than other options.

Disaster recovery methods have improved over the past few years. But they are not yet at a level where you can say you no longer need a backup solution.

We wanted to showcase exactly why many prefer this approach. We’ve compared the cloud backup method to the next contender, tape storage, and found out the following.

Cloud Backup Is More Secure than Tape Storage

Holding data on storage tapes is a good way to keep that information secure in an offline medium. But what happens when you can’t restore data from some of the tapes?

Companies stand to lose days or even weeks of work. In today’s high-speed markets, that is just not worth it.

Nor is it acceptable for your clients to suffer because of low-quality storage mediums.

Storing your information in the cloud ensures you always have a reliable “backup” plan.

cloud backup

Besides, even if you store your tapes in optimal conditions, there is still a valid concern.

Digital data cannot be entirely destroyed if you keep it at various off-site locations, like in the case of cloud storage.

If you keep all of your tapes in one place, any natural or man-made disaster can be hazardous to your company information.

That means a building fire or a flood can potentially ruin your life’s work. Not to mention the obvious risks of burglary and vandalism.

Let’s say, for one moment, that you decide to prepare for the above cases. You send your tapes to a secure location to prevent a disaster.

What if the carriers get robbed on the way to the storage area?

Cloud backup is not affected by this glaring weakness. All of your data is securely transferred through encrypted channels.

Plus, you don’t have to cover any storage and transport costs for the tapes.

Another advantage comes from the way sensitive company data is stored nowadays:

  • on laptops
  • on smartphones
  • on tablets

These devices tend to get lost very quickly. Or even worse, stolen.

Getting a cloud backup solution allows you to store the data from those devices in a central repository.

Even if the devices get stolen, you can use the geo-location feature to find them. Then, you can remote wipe the information on the devices to prevent company secrets from being exposed.

cloud backup

Cloud Backup Is Cheaper and Less Time-Consuming

Speaking of expenditures, you should know that tape data storage can be expensive and time-consuming.

For one, you need to have knowledge about the software used for the backup.

If not, hiring a professional or training an employee will also take time and money. Outsourcing a business to do your cloud backups is the more affordable alternative.

Tape backups need to be done on a rotational basis. That method is prone to human error, and we all know any error can be fatal to a company.

Also, you will need to run a test after each backup is done to ensure the tape functions properly. That is yet another waste of your valuable time.

In the cloud’s case, all you need to do is see if the required information was correctly received.

cloud backup

The tapes have to be labeled and cataloged, so you don’t lose track of them. That is also open to more inaccuracies.

With cloud storage, the only labeling you’ll do is done digitally. All at a much faster rate, and with less chance of errors. That is if you archive your company data in an organized fashion.

Ultimately, you need to think about how much time you spend restoring the data. Backups need to be done every day, lest you risk losing valuable information.

For significant disaster recoveries, it could take you a while to restore everything.

With a proper cloud backup set in place, you can forget about all the above worries. Rest assured with the thought that cloud storage is infinitely faster and less error-prone.

You Don’t Have to Waste Money on Equipment

We don’t think you’ve had enough of the benefits. Here are more of them.

We’ve talked a lot about possible errors and time-consuming processes. But what about all the equipment involved in tape storage?

  • First off, all the tape drives involved with large data backup can be expensive. One can cost you anywhere from $1000 to $3000, depending on the level of performance and how much storage space you need.
  • Tapes can last about 30 years, under the right conditions. In any case, you need to bear in mind the expense of replacing the tapes when they wear out. That includes re-testing and re-labeling them.
  • An autoloader can also cost you anywhere between $2000 and $8000. Think of that when you consider the replacement costs of such a device. Not to mention the maintenance.

Compare all the costs involved with an average price of $160/month for a cloud-based server. Which one sounds more appealing?

Besides, cloud storage is easily scalable to meet the growing demands of your company.

Fewer Administration Resources Needed

Keep in mind that everything needs a staff to take care of the job. Can your business afford to hire a team to manage and maintain a tape backup solution?

In fact, can you afford business downtimes while the staff makes, re-tests and restores the backups?

It’s not exactly a straightforward and time-effective process to go through:

  • Your team needs to back up your data after every work day;
  • They have to review the logs in case something goes awry;
  • Then, they have to troubleshoot the whole process;
  • The backup systems you have in place will need to be tested;

None of this benefits your bottom line. At all. So why should you waste time and capital on such an inefficient method?

With a cloud storage solution, you just need to schedule a plan and your corporate information will be regularly backed up.

The administrative costs for your storage will go down. Your operations will only go up.

cloud backup

Since all everyone works with nowadays is electronic data, why should you rely on physical storage?

You don’t need to waste valuable company time restoring data from tapes when you have cloud storage.

Even in the worst case scenario, you still have 100% uptime with a cloud solution.

Your company data is too valuable to leave things up to fate. Instead of you waiting a few hours or days for a data recovery, why not get it automatically?

You don’t need new staff on the payroll to manage your backup solution.

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