Cloud Hosting: What Goes Into It and How It Benefits You

Cloud hosting solutions have grown to be considered a necessity for any eCommerce or web project. It’s no wonder why.

Growing traffic is a goal most business owners have, but it doesn’t just take care of itself. It must be properly managed if you aim for the best business outcome. 

In technical words, cloud hosting is IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service).

Clouds help you handle traffic numbers and ensure quality at the same time. They aid you in avoiding unexpected blackouts.

Learn the Basics

Before proceeding with anything else, we should get into what cloud computing is all about.

It is a broader understanding of any online service you require which is managed by another company. Cloud computing appeared out of the growing need for outsourcing.

Take Google Docs, for instance. You can create a text file or spreadsheet which is not stored on your computer but somewhere remotely on a web server. Whatever Internet-connected computer you access that document from, the data is retrieved in the same form.

The same principle applies even to the most common actions, like Google searches. Your computer triggers the message, and the results are retrieved from other interconnected devices.

cloud hosting

‘Cloud’ comes from the fractal structure of actual clouds. It implies an interlinking display of systems that can perform the same tasks when needed.

That is the principle that has helped web hosting take a turn from the traditional dedicated servers in the last decade.

Types of Clouds

When choosing a cloud solution, you need to understand the options available and what they involve:

  • The public cloud. This kind of cloud names a set of servers used in common, where your files are hosted along with other data. Public hosting is a great solution if you need to save money.
  • The private cloud. With this type of cloud, you will get customized features for computing, storage, and networking. Not to mention increased control and security. It is worth going for this option if you own a large business, or need to take strict regulations into account. It is considerably more costly, but the cloud can be set in your location.
  • The hybrid cloud. With this one, you are offered a part of the public cloud for dedicated usage. Other dedicated servers can be connected to the hybrid.

Security and Accessibility Boost

When you choose a cloud hosting solution, you benefit from high accessibility.

You will only pay for what you use and adjust the hosting package according to the changing needs of your business. The initial set-up can be easily fine-tuned to meet emerging necessities. For instance, additional servers can be added to the network.

This way, the bandwidth and storage space can be extended with no implications for the original settings. Not to mention that downtime will be tackled much more adequately.

cloud hostingGiven that they deal with sensitive data, cloud hosting solutions present a high level of security. As top cloud services providers, we treat this aspect in the most responsible way. At Applied Innovations, we grant users complete administrative control. You will never be deprived of your managerial rights.

You will get your own virtual network that can’t be accessed by any other user. Complete data deletion is a serious benefit, too. Trust us; there’s no need to stress over unwanted information hanging around in the void for everyone to track down.

Cloud Hosting Equals Collaborative Boost and Cost Efficiency

Every business owner works towards efficiency. Well, this is exactly what you will gain by choosing a cloud hosting provider like Applied Innovations.

You’ll be able to assign tasks in a more flexible and productive manner. This way, you can focus on other aspects of running your business.

cloud hosting

Speaking of business, one of the notable advantages a cloud offers is the use of accessible or ‘open’ business processes.

Suppliers and business partners can immediately have access to whatever information you want them to handle.

Now, we mostly mentioned virtual world aspects here. But business is, in fact, a human-addressed activity. And, it is also performed by humans.

So let’s not forget to mention how cloud hosting can benefit the teamwork inside your organization.

It’s incredibly useful in the case of midsized and big organizations with employees in different locations. The operative costs of collaborative work are reduced to a minimum if more people can share the same data, files or documents at the same time.

In what concerns the cost-efficiency, the gains are more than obvious.

cloud hosting solutions

Rather than spending a fortune on proficient servers, updated licenses or renewal fees, start building a long-term relationship with a cloud hosting provider like Applied Innovations.

We can make things easier, less costly and more sustainable in the long run.

What’s more, there’s no need to hire an army of IT specialists to keep everything under control. Costs are proportional to the cloud architecture and the actual usage, on a pay-as-you-go premise.

Take the savings into consideration, and you can see why a monthly cloud server subscription is the better alternative.

Check out Applied Innovations to see what price packages best serve your needs and budget.


In any company, the key concept that helps it achieve new heights is teamwork. What if we told you this is exactly what happens with clouds as well?

Being linked to the same network, clouds function in a complementary manner. They offer to take the load off one another whenever there’s an overload or a server crash happening.

In short, your website will have an ongoing back-up, which accounts for the best reliability you could hope for. 

cloud hosting

Not to mention the damage control possibilities. If anything happens to your hardware or computers, the data will remain intact.

Where to Take It from Here

More and more mid-sized businesses start to acknowledge the benefits of using managed cloud hosting solutions. Shifting to the cloud will soon be the norm, as less costly implementations are added.

It seems like a lot to take in. And we know how challenging it is to keep up with every demand, especially in the IT sector, which is vital these days.

But now that there are more available solutions than ever, it’s time to make the first move and take charge of your business’s future.

If you need a trusted partner, get in touch with us right away! We are ready to offer you the solutions you need.

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