Cloud Servers Help Provide a Shield of Protection in a More Risky Business World

Perhaps you’ve been recently looking into using a cloud server to host your new business website after realizing the extreme risks seen in running a website today. No doubt you’ve joined the legions of others who want to start an online business, yet fear the realities of how dangerous the cyber world is. With potentials of more complex tech problems, hacking, and the safety of customer data at stake as just starters, running an online business becomes a daunting undertaking.

That thought you’ve had about cloud servers is a smart one. In a more volatile online world, the cloud provides a major shield to the threats facing those who need to keep their websites running safety and efficiently 24/7.

This should give you some peace of mind, especially when you’re expecting major business growth soon. One thing that sometimes gets overlooked is a server not keeping up with visitor demand is as dangerous as any cyber threat from human hands.

The last thing you ever want is downtime, even if it lasts only an hour. Every minute can start costing you money, and small to mid-sized businesses are more vulnerable financially.

With a cloud server, you’re prepared for a lot of things you probably didn’t expect. Take a look at what could happen and how a cloud server will save your business life down the road.

Natural Disasters

We all still have weaknesses in underestimating what nature can do. Even if you’ve never experienced a natural disaster before (unlike those in earthquake or hurricane country), anything can happen unexpectedly. A natural disaster could suddenly decimate your business, leaving you in the dark on how to keep things operating.

Using a cloud server, you can access all of your business data anywhere you can find an Internet connection. This means if you relocate to a new location, your entire online business contents are fully accessible in the cloud to get you back on your feet in a short time.

Human Disasters

Sometimes disasters can occur from employees who make a major mistake, or by physical human intervention. Perhaps one of your IT technicians did something wrong and ended up shutting down your server and other systems for hours. Or, maybe your business became disrupted due to protesters and employees unable to get into your company headquarters.

A cloud server can once again rescue the day for you, no matter where you relocate to.

Cyber Attacks

So many businesses get hacked and attacked, sometimes without the business’s knowledge. Small businesses are just as vulnerable as the major companies, so don’t think the size of your business makes any difference.

Rather than deal with your own on-site server that could easily get compromised, a cloud server gives you round-the-clock security. Problems get caught immediately and taken care of before becoming worse. Best of all, prevention methods get put in place so the worst issues don’t happen in the first place.

For those who’ve held concern over the cloud, it’s all based on how much monitoring the provider gives you. Anything is vulnerable if there isn’t any eyes there to catch threats.

Growing the Cloud to Suit Business Growth

As mentioned above, do you know whether your server could hold up if you had a sudden burst of online customers virtually overnight? These kind of situations sometimes happen immediately due to media exposure or other circumstances. With a cloud server, you’re assured of having immediate scalability and durability so your server doesn’t crash at the most busiest time.

Here at Applied Innovations, we provide an excellent cloud server solution through Windows.

Contact us to find out more about how you’re protected and ready for business growth choosing our server options.

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