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A proven leader in web and software development, right here in sunny South Florida

arrowApplied Innovations is proud to reference customers such as Arrow Consulting and Design, a .NET-focused firm offering custom development resources for ASP.NET, Windows/WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) development, SharePoint, and DotNetNuke as well as web development, internet marketing, and graphic design.

Arrow Hits the Target

“We focus on three main areas of expertise,” said Ryan Morgan, managing partner for Arrow. “Our primary business is custom software development, targeting the .NET stack, mobile and DotNetNuke. But we also offer SEO/SEM, as well as Graphic Design, branding and web production.”

Morgan goes on to explain that these three areas add up to a complete offering.  So Arrow’s Graphic Design isn’t just about painting pretty pictures.  Their designers understand usability and functionality that users need to navigate a site or use software effectively. And the sites Arrow delivers are optimized from the ground up for maximum visibility. Similarly, the development process integrates considerations for driving people through sales funnels.

“So the code works, but it’s also very usable and flows in a way that’s natural to the way people use it,” continues Morgan. “This integration of functionality and usability is our differentiator.”

The team at Arrow has earned a reputation for technical expertise, problem solving, and hard work. The partners are considered experts in their field and frequently are found speaking at Microsoft events throughout the country. In fact, Morgan even co-authored a software development book on the topic of ASP.NET content management using DotNetNuke.

Arrow is a DotNetNuke Gold Partner as well as a Microsoft Partner. They have contributed to the core design of DotNetNuke and even designed the default skin that comes with DotNetNuke 6. Clients include such high profile companies as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hilton, and NASCAR. With major project dollars on the line, it’s critical that Arrow partners with a web hosting provider that can rise to the challenge. A partner like Applied Innovations.

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Trusted Partners

The Applied Innovations and Arrow teams met through a mutual client, then became more familiar through local and regional Code Camps and User Groups.  Over the years they have worked on various projects together, but only began working closely within the past six or nine months.

“With hosting companies, it’s really a commodity. I should be able to get the same thing from company to company. The differentiating factors are all people-based: Support and Sales,” stated Arrow’s Morgan. “If I can call and get a real person on the line and get a prompt response and a fair price without going through iterations of proposals, that’s the value.”

“A number of our clients – major B2C high-profile brands – request confidentiality and place a high value on brand integrity for their vendors,” continued Morgan. “We just recently referred a large client to Applied Innovations. Before we did that, we did a series of mystery shopper calls to be sure we got someone competent and helpful on the line. We have to be confident about the level of professionalism our hosting partner delivers.”

“I have the utmost of confidence about putting Applied Innovations in front of our customers. I never worry about giving the Applied Innovations team direct access to my clients.”

“To us, that’s the true measure of a trusted partnership,” stated Cara Pluff, sales director for Applied Innovations. “Nothing demonstrates trust more than being allowed direct access to our customers’ clients. And with that comes the responsibility for meeting or exceeding all expectations so that Applied Innovations and our customer both shine.”

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“We’re moving more to a model where we work with a designated company for larger implementations, with multi-servers and a greater need for support,” said Morgan.

“That’s where we have positioned Applied Innovations,” concluded Cara Pluff. “We want to be Arrow’s Go-To windows web hosting, managed hosting and cloud services provider.  So Arrow can focus on their core competencies of developing and delivering exceptional technology solutions and leave the infrastructure to us.”

For more information, see Arrow Consulting & Design’s website at or call them at 561-714-7926.

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  1. Will Strohl on March 30, 2012 at 9:31 PM

    This is really cool news. Having done business with both Applied and Arrow in the past, I cannot imagine a better partnership between an application and hosting organization.

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