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Did Someone Say “A Free Webhosting Rebate Offer?” … $325 worth?!?!

How great would it be if you were looking for an ASP.NET hosting discount and someone told you “sign up for a year of web hosting at just $99.95 with our company and you’ll get a rebate check for $325!”.  CHA-CHING! Right? Dreaming you say? No you’re not dreaming.  It’s more than just a dream, it’s a reality and here’s how.

$175 in Free Search Engine Pay Per Clicks has been busy building relationships for our customers so that they can receive special offers and discounts unique to them.  One of the places we’ve seen a lot of interest in from our clients is that of search engine pay per click advertising. So we’ve been busy building a lot of relationships with search engine marketing companies. Today we have the following special offers:

  • $75 free pay per click credits from Microsoft adCenter on and
  • $50 free pay per click credits from Yahoo!
  • $25 free pay per click from
  • and $25 free pay per click from

So that’s not too shabby of a deal. $175 in free pay per click credits, for nothing more than signing up for hosting and then activating an account with the different search engine companies. Oh and here’s a secret, we’re working on a new deal that could generate another $100 in credits!

$150 PCI Compliance Scan from ScanAlert

Now I said, $325 so where’s the other $150? Well, It’s here at thanks to Thanks to our partnership we’re able to provide a Free year of PCI compliance scanning (needed for all e-commerce based websites and a generally good idea for any website in my opinion that keeps any type of personal information) that’s normally $149.  But this is the gift that keeps on giving because each year you can renew for just $19.

Great $325 in offers. Is that all you have?

Nope! It just doesn’t end there we have all kinds of great offers in our marketplace and are adding new offerings almost weekly. In fact we have 3 in the works that should be released within the next couple weeks. The marketplace has become a favorite spot for our hosting customers (second only to this blog naturally which BTW, you should subscribe to.) and we have yet even more surprises in the works to launch that should be equally exciting.

Recently we also announced that we’d do free installs of aspdotnetstorefront for our customers looking to adopt aspdotnetstorefront as their e-commerce platform, that’s a $50 discount right now.

So how do I get to this marketplace?

It’s in your control panel. Shared hosting customers and resellers will find it as an icon tagged “Marketplace” when they first log into their control panel. Dedicated hosting and VPS hosting customers will find it within the billing portal for their accounts.

So how does this translate into free hosting?

Well think about it. You’re going to sign up for hosting, our VS-1 would be $269 a year (including a free domain, 4GB of diskspace and 250MB of SQL2005 database space, support for, silverlight, xaml, php, etc). If you’re hosting aspdotnetstorefront we’ll do the install for you so that’s $50 right there you just saved making your year of hosting only $219 now.  Then you sign up for the free PCI scanning courtesy of and your one year of ASP.NET hosting with full 24/7 technical support has dropped to just $69 as you just got $150 product for free.  Then you sign up for the MSN pay-per-click program and pocket $75 in free pay per click ads that you were going to buy anyway and you just made $6 and have a full year windows webhosting with a Microsoft Gold Certified Hosting Partner.  Next you sign up for the Yahoo, the Miva and the Enhance programs and pocket another $100.  Now you have $106 in your pocket that you just saved that you would have spent on online marketing anyway AND you have 12 months of professional 2.0 AJAX ready hosting with full support for the .NET Framework 3.0 and the ability to run PHP5 (and PHP4 if you need it) as well as MySQL5 and MySQL4.  Oh and did I mention you have $106 in your pocket you would have spent on advertising?

Now my example said sign up for $99 a year plan like our hosting discount promotion and you’d get $325 in free offers so that translate into one year of reliable, professional webhosting and $226 of extra discounts and offers outside of the $99 you spent. So it’s not _A_ free rebate offer but rather a combination of several special offerings but when it’s all said and done, no matter what windows hosting account you sign up for, it’s a great deal!

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