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DotNetNuke v5

If you have done any research on dynamic websites or content management systems recently, you have undoubtedly come across a solution called DotNetNuke. To date, DotNetNuke (DNN) has been downloaded nearly 7 million times, and an online community with over 700,000 members worldwide. DNN is an open source application framework that makes it possible for people of most levels of expertise to quickly and easily build a website that is dynamic, secure, reliable, and has all of the bells and whistles right out of the box.

Not long ago, DNN released version 5.01.00 of this framework, marking a major milestone in the evolution of this framework. For the first time, the version 5 series has been officially endorsed as being “production ready,” meaning that the DotNetNuke Corporation says that this version of DNN is ready for you use for your websites.

DNN 5 promises that fastest, most secure, and most flexible release of the DNN framework ever. DNN has always had a great selection of modules for you to use for free, such as the Forums module, Blog module, Survey module, Wiki module, Chat module, Store module, Map module, and so many more. DNN 5 brings a rewritten module called Forms and Lists, which allows you to build things like a custom feedback form to present to your customers.

With DNN 5, you now can integrate cool features such as Widgets into your website. Widgets are a great way to interact with your website visitors. They allow you to import JavaScript-based widgets to do things like adjust the design of the site, import videos from sites like YouTube, and more.

This release also makes your website more valuable by implementing SEO (search engine optimized) features for you such as human friendly URLs, Google Analytics, a Pure CSS library, 301 redirects, improved XHTML and ADA compliance, and more. These features are some of the most important in our current economy, where every little bit of edge can help you get ahead of your competition. You DO want to be ahead of your competition, don’t you?

Another very notable feature that is now found in DNN is content versioning. You are now able to roll back any text or HTML content in the HTML module that is included in DotNetNuke. You can also require content approval, allowing you to stage your new HTML content until the right person looks at it. Once they approve the new content, it will be pushed out to your website for your website visitors to see. This feature alone is with the price of DotNetNuke (which happens to free).

If you’re a developer or power user, you may be happy to know that DNN implements technologies such as jQuery, Internet Explorer 8 web slices, improved support for unit testing, .Net framework 3.5, support for any data source, an extensive provider model, and a web-based dashboard showing the “health” of the site. DNN is also an open API, allowing you to extend nearly any feature that it has, such as the Token Replacement Engine, which allows you to do things like build custom template engines.

We could go on and one with the new features. Just know that you can trust the DotNetNuke Corporation to constantly add new features, fix bugs, address security issues, and not allow the framework to get “stale.” They regularly evaluate the latest and greatest technologies out there, making sure that you too can take advantage of these new technologies without having to worry about your level of knowledge or expertise. Roll out your next website using DotNetNuke today!

It’s simple, if you are a shared hosting or fully managed server customer here’s all you have to do!

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