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Remember those SSL certificates called Extended Validation certificates? Well, one of their major drawbacks was that they only worked when your customer was using IE7 to browse your website. Now, with Firefox version 3, you have more than 8 million more browsers on the internet able to see an EV certificate. Upon entering a site using a EV SSL certificate, Firefox will display a green button, much like IE7’s green bar. A blue button means an SSL certificate is installed, but it’s not an EV cert, and a grey button means the  page you’re on is not using SSL. The worst buttons to see are red (a known malicious website) or yellow (an invalid SSL certificate). You can read more about this new feature here.


Firefox 3 has many other new features. Among them is a better handling on your computers resources (memory) which equals a quicker more efficient browsing experience.  Other features include a new URL discovery designed to allow you to quickly navigate to the website you want to get to. The address bar will try to find an address you’re typing based on your browsing history.

As always, our customers can purchase a Comodo EV SSL certificate from Applied Innovations at a greatly discounted rate ($349.95 as of the date of this writing).

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