FrontPage Extensions No Longer Supported

For several years now, FrontPage Server Extensions have no longer been the modern standard for website authoring and publishing. What does that mean to you? Let’s start by defining what FrontPage Server Extensions (FPSE) are – FrontPage, formerly one of the most popular website builder programs, enables users without knowledge of programming languages (e.g. HTML, PERL and other scripts) to make changes to websites automatically. FPSE are the specific tools used to build/make changes to websites.

In order for FPSE to work, your web hosting provider must support FPSE. Although Microsoft servers once supported FPSE, users should be transitioning to FTP as this support is changing (via

  • FPSE on Windows Server 2000 – No longer supported.

  • FPSE on Windows Server 2003 – In extended support until July 14, 2015.

  • FPSE on Windows Server 2008 – Supported by Ready-to-Run Software, not Microsoft.

It is important for Applied Innovations clients to be aware that we will soon no longer allow new sites to be deployed on Windows Server 2003 and new deployments will only happen on the newer more modern operating systems. With this change, those users that rely FrontPage Server Extensions for publishing with applications like FrontPage 2003 or other apps, like Expression Web, will need to publish over FTP.

Those who use these apps should also understand that many of the features that made FrontPage 2003 popular, such as shared borders and bots, will no longer be supported without server side extensions. Although we know FrontPage and Expression Web have been the go-to for some of our clients, the FPSE technology is quite old, and has not been updated since 2002. It is highly recommended that everyone use a modern standard when authoring and publishing websites. Many web hosting providers are no longer supporting FPSE, and to make the transition easier, the Applied Innovations team is always available for support. Call us at 866.706.8691 or email us at if you need any help with this transition.

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  1. Fay on August 30, 2013 at 3:23 PM

    What website development software do you recommend for those that don’t work with the software routinely?

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