Gartner-'scalability' is one of the main reasons why businesses are moving to the cloud.

Gartner:’scalability’ is one of the main reasons why businesses are moving to the cloud.

Businesses who are making plans to use a cloud hosting service in 2015 may have already discovered it is not an all-or-nothing processes. For the most part, a large percentage of businesses use what is referred to as the ‘hybrid’ approach: part on-premise, and part cloud.

In fact, according to a recent Gartner report, the hybrid cloud will become the “biggest gainer in 2015.”

“…more than 50% of enterprises worldwide will have hybrid clouds by 2017. Although pure implementation of cloud is a rarity because of the complexity of enterprise IT environments, the hybrid cloud – a mix of on and off premise – promises the best of both worlds.”

One of the main reasons for this preference among medium and large organizations is delivery of cost-savings, higher performance and scalability.

‘Scalability’ makes the transition to using an array of services, such as SaaS, an easier process, particularly as a company expands and contracts during economic cycles.

By 2016, according to a report from Global Technology, the prediction for cloud-applications is formidable:

“…over a quarter of all applications built (numbering approximately 48 million) will be on cloud by 2016.” 

Today, more than 85% of all applications are created for the cloud, notes a report by IDC.

Cloud services continue to trend upward, and remain an attractive option for businesses looking to reduce capital expenditures and increase operational efficiencies. And, they can do so without jeopardizing those files and documents needing compliance with privacy regulations, for examples. Still, some companies will elect to keep such critical files on- premise.

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