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Get More Revenue through Customer Service & Follow-up

After 16 years of doing business with my bank, I decided to make a switch. I went through the effort of updating all my auto-payments, submitting a new direct deposit form, having to order new checks, etc. because my bank’s customer service was honestly THAT bad. Between rude representatives on the phone, unhelpful in-person bankers, and excessive security policies (honestly I had to verify my social, secret pin, birth date, phone number, home address, and they STILL wanted my last deposit JUST to activate a new debit card).Did I mention that everybody got a new debit card because the bank merged?

Now I didn’t do a ton of research on the new bank (they ultimately hooked me with a promise of $125 for a new checking account) but I have been very impressed by their customer service and level of follow up, so now I am bringing them more business. Not only am I opening CDs (with these low interest rates sadly) but I am also referring my friends to them because honestly they are great.

Make a Good First Impression

First impressions are KEY! Within the first minute of me waiting at the new bank, a representative greeted me and told me that somebody would be with me very shortly. She was right. Minutes later I was at a desk with a banking specialist.

Make the Client Feel Important

After setting up my new checking and savings accounts, my representative brought over the bank manager who “wanted to personally introduce herself to me”.  I wish I could say that was because I was opening a huge new account, but truthfully she must do that for everybody and even though she does I felt super important.

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Make the Client’s Life Easier

What probably surprised me most about the experience was that my banking representative offered to submit my new direct deposit to my company and follow up with them for me. So wait, I don’t even have to set-up my own direct deposit? HOW FABULOUS!

Make a Follow-up Call/Visit

Even though they had “sealed the deal” with my business already, the new bank earned even more of my business (and more importantly my referrals) by simply following up with me. A couple of days after I opened my new accounts, the personal banking representative called me to check-in, make sure I got my ATM card, and see how things were going. Then two days later her assistant called to let me know the direct deposit process was complete. Both of them asked if there was anything else they could do to help, but I already felt as if I had the royal treatment.

Now THAT is a way to make an impression, provide good customer service, and ultimately gain more business!

(For those of you wondering…my praises are directed at Chase!)

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