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Handling High Traffic Volume with Managed Cloud Hosting

Many companies dream of viral success, with their content spread around the Internet on every social media and authority site. The dream can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t consider the reality of a viral traffic situation, or even your seasonal increases. The average organization suffers a loss of $5,600 per minute of downtime, according to Gartner. Even after you get back up and running, how many potential customers are turned off by the unavailability of the site as a first impression? Managed cloud hosting offers a solution to predicted and unpredictable traffic volume.

Seasonal Traffic

Retail businesses most commonly see seasonal traffic spikes, such as Black Friday. Retailers did $50.9 billion in sales on that day alone, according to the National Retail Federation. The pressure that puts on retailers’ online infrastructure is immense, and predicting exactly how much traffic comes through doesn’t always work out well. If you have an entirely on-site e-commerce infrastructure and your seasonal traffic spikes far beyond expectations, how fast can you adjust? Do you keep additional hardware in reserve, or are you stuck waiting for equipment? Can your business afford to go down on critical sales days?

Managed cloud hosting virtualizes resources instead of sitting you on specific hardware. When you need more processing power to handle increased server load, you seamlessly allocate the resources. You aren’t in trouble even if you underestimate your seasonal traffic predictions, as you can quickly get more resources to handle increased demand.

Viral Traffic

It’s every marketer’s dream and every server admin’s worst nightmare — viral marketing success. You can’t predict when viral marketing pays off; all you know is your website is inaccessible a

nd your servers are not pleased with the situation. It’s not practical to keep enough equipment around to handle a viral traffic spike that may or may not happen, but it’s also frustrating on both sides when the servers go down due to insufficient capacity. The agility managed cloud hosting offers lets organizations keep up with unexpected viral success without dedicating an entire room for otherwise idle server equipment.

Managed cloud hosting streamlines the resource allocation process so higher than expected traffic is a welcome sight, not a stressful one.
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