How To Create An Effective About Us Page For Your Ecommerce Website

When you walk into a small store where the owner can be seen working alongside his employees, you get a sense of what the store is about as you watch them working together and interacting with their customers. However, this personal element is lacking on ecommerce store websites and anything you can do to create a close facsimile of this on your website is important.

People want to know about who they are buying from. This is why you should go through the trouble of putting together an effective about us page. Here are four tips on creating an about us page that will inspire people to become loyal customers:

Tell Your Story

Tell your customers how your company started and how it progressed to become what it is now. If your history had obstacles along the way, let them know how you overcame them. This sort of detail makes for a compelling and interesting story. Talk about what is currently happening and how your products and services solves their problems or fills their needs.

Finally, you should talk about the future. This is where you communicate your desire to improve the customer’s experience and how you will strive to improve your products and services. The story of your business is also where you can express your core values as a company.

Profile Your People

Include photos of your staff with a brief description about what they do. People are interested in the faces behind the business. The profile section makes your business more human and approachable.

Use Photos And Illustrations

Photos and illustrations draw the eye and give visual appeal to the page. Images can include photos of the exterior of your business or graphics that illustrate the timeline of your company. If your company has a very long history, then vintage black and white photos help to convey your company’s connection with the past. Include images that reinforce the message that you are conveying.

Use A Consistent Voice

Your voice refers to how you express yourself in writing. It is the way you structure your sentences and the degree of formality or informality of your words. This voice should be consistent across your entire ecommerce site and in your email communication with customers. If the about us page is written in a voice different from the rest of the site, then it will seem as if you outsourced the job to a professional writer. This makes the page seem less “real” or genuine which defeats the point of the page.

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