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LOGO_template_RGBThe benefits of hosting your DotNetNuke website with Applied Innovations just got even better – introducing the new Easy DNN Site Upgrader, an easy-to-use tool that makes upgrading your DotNetNuke-hosted site easier than ever before. Applied Innovations partnered with Papayas Incorporated to bring you this revolutionary new tool that makes installing upgrades a breeze.

With the Easy DNN Site Upgrader tool, updates are a few easy clicks, saving you even more time by eliminating the need to install updates manually. The EZ DNN Upgrader offers the following benefits:

  • Creates a backup of your website and database before performing any upgrades to protect your site should you decide to roll back.
  • Allows you to select which version you wish to upgrade to.
  • Automatically fixes many of the common upgrade issues with databases, extensions and versioning.
  • Provides a simple way to restore your site if things don’t go well.

Using the new EZ DNN Upgrader is (literally) as easy as 1, 2, 3: Simply install the module, select the DNN version to which you want to upgrade and click the upgrade button – that’s it! You can also check out our tutorial which will walk you through the 3 steps.

In addition to this latest upgrade to your DotNetNuke Hosting experience, our team of experts is available around the clock via live-chat, email and toll-free phone. To learn more, call Applied Innovations today at 866-706-8691 or email us at

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  1. Ralph Williams on June 6, 2013 at 8:08 PM

    This tool was very easy to use and had my site upgraded to the latest version of DNN in no time!

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