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Today Joomla released an update to their CMS called “Naiki” and our PHP webhosting customers using this CMS may want to install the update. If you are running a previous version 1.5.x, you should download the update patch and run it. You can read the release notes and installation instructions here.

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Although Applied Innovations is an specialized web-host, many do not realize that PHP is available to our customers. With the flip of a switch in the HELM control panel, you can enable PHP. Then, with a mySQL database which is included with VS-1 and higher plans, you can install Joomla! for free and have a huge community of PHP/Open Source developers working together to bring you free add-ons such as the famous free shopping cart “Virtuemart”. PHP runs on Windows, and it runs great especially with “Fast CGI” which is installed on AppliedI’s shared webservers. It should be noted that an advantage of Windows and IIS is that you can run 3.5 and PHP side-by-side. Something you can not do on Linux (Well, not 100% functionally anyway; see “ – mod_mono“).

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