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Panel judges holding perfect score signsPreviously, we told you How Inbound Marketing Can Bring New Visitors. This month, we’re delving a bit deeper to help you implement an effective lead scoring strategy to find the most qualified, quality leads well in time for the upcoming holiday season.

Lead scoring is a method of assigning a ranking to each potential customer based off of their behaviors, interests and buying intentions. An essential part of lead management, lead scoring helps you rank each potential customer on a scale that represents their value to your business. Rankings can be assigned based on any number of factors that you specify. For example, you can use web analytics to assign a certain number of points to prospects based on how many pages they visited on your site, the nature of the pages they visited and whether or not they completed a given call-to-action (e.g. signing up for your company newsletter). These actions all help you indicate how far along a potential customer is in the purchasing funnel. The purchasing funnel begins with awareness, then moves to consideration, preference, and hopefully, purchase.

The chart below is an example of what a typical lead scoring sheet might look like for ABC Company:



Downloads white paper


Downloads product brochure


Visits homepage


Visits product page


Visits pricing page


Opens email


Clicks link in email


Searches for ABC Company in Google/Yahoo/Bing


Registers for webinar


Views a video


Subscribes to email


Negative Score Adjustments:


Email unsubscribe


Negative social media comment


Visits career page


Visits investor page


As you can see, you can also assign negative scores when a lead completes an action that indicates they are not moving towards the desired “purchase” level of the purchasing funnel. Examine your web metrics and decide which behaviors indicate a lead will ultimately turn into a sale and which behaviors tell you a lead isn’t looking to buy for your specific company and assign the appropriate number of points accordingly.

Establishing an effective lead scoring strategy now will help you better target the leads with the most potential to buy so you’re able to capitalize on precious holiday sales. Another integral part of ensuring the success of your e-Commerce business is maintaining the performance of your website. Applied Innovations provides Windows web hosting services, including cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and more. When you need Windows cloud hosting that is always available, Applied Innovations is the provider you need.

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