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No Website? Try Windows Shared Hosting And WordPress

Are you considering getting a website but aren’t entirely convinced that you need one? Perhaps your business is very small with a handful of employees or you feel that your products can’t be sold online. Although most large businesses have their own website, it is very common for small companies to have websites as well. When looking at their sites, you wouldn’t know that many of them are owned by businesses that are little more than one or two man operations.

Perhaps you are thinking that these small businesses with websites are well funded and can afford to pay thousands of dollars to have their sites built for them. Or maybe they are technical wizards who can create their websites on their own. The truth is that many of these small businesses have neither deep pockets nor technical wizardry. They are merely familiar with what can be done using free and inexpensive resources that are available online. The same is possible for you with just a bit of research.

Here is what’s required:

A Web Host – This is a company that provides space for your website on its servers for a monthly fee. A web host is required to make your site visible on the Internet. A web host can also be thought of as the foundation for your site. It has to be reliable enough to ensure that your website is up and running most of the time. For a small business website, a Windows Shared Hosting package is very affordable and is more than adequate for your needs.

A Good Content Management System – A content management system allows you to publish, edit, modify, and organize the content on your website without having to do any programming or other technical wizardry. It is essentially a software program and is usually designed to be very user friendly.

The world’s most popular content management system also happens to be free. It is open source software that is maintained and improved upon by thousands of volunteer programmers. That content management system is called WordPress. There are countless websites online that provide free information on how to download and use WordPress. You can also find more than enough Youtube videos about WordPress as well. WordPress has its own vast online community in the form of useful websites and forums that address practically any question you can think of. To find these sites, simply ask a WordPress question using a search engine such as Google.

A Website Theme – A website theme is somewhat like a website template but is much more adaptable. It sets the overall look and feel of your website. You will be able to publish your own content, photos, videos, and contact forms. Many other options are possible as well.

There are many free and paid for WordPress themes. The paid themes are your best bet because they provide customer support as well as upgrades. There are themes available for almost every type of business. Very professional looking WordPress themes can be purchased for as little as $40.

If you find that you have too little time to make your own website, it can be set up for you very inexpensively by hiring a virtual assistant with an expertise in WordPress. These virtual assistants can be found online all over the world. You may even find one living in your own town.

If this interests you, contact us for more information. We at Applied Innovations have very affordable windows shared hosting packages and provide a 100% uptime guarantee for your website.

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