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PHP4 End of Life Notification

PHP4 End of Life Notification

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We are pleased to announce the end of life support for PHP4.  We began reaching out to our clients on August 9th to give everyone ample time to migrate to newer versions of the scripts they are using (in case of WordPress, Joomla, Mambo, ZenCart, osCommerce, etc) or update their code in the case of custom scripting.

Now that ample time has passed, we have moved off of php4 all together and got a single instance of PHP 5.3 configuration across all servers.

What does this mean for you?

  • This means that your site, if you use PHP for anything, will be able to be PCI compliant.
  • Your MySQL database user password would be updated to reflect the new password hash scheme that PHP 5.3 requires.  This does not mean your password will change; it will actually remain the same, but the hash within the MySQL System database would be updated.  No changes would need to be made on your side as long as your script is PHP 5 compatible.
  • Updates to PHP more often.  Because we are migrating to a network-wide configuration of PHP, we will be able to roll out updates to all servers when critical updates are made to the Windows binary of PHP.
  • Updates to commonly used PHP applications.  Applications such as WordPress and Joomla are constantly putting out updates and using PHP 5.3.x will ensure that your script will always be compatible with the version of the application you are running on your site!
  • FastCGI support with WinCache.  This means your sites will be faster as the WinCache module for PHP allows for ByteCode caching so that it doesn’t need to compile each time the same script is called.

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