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Announcing a Newer, Better Backup Solution with R1Soft

Applied Innovations has launched a new backup service offering through a partnership with R1Soft. R1Soft Continuous Data Protection 3.0 Enterprise Edition is a high-performance, disk-to-disk server backup software for Windows servers. CDP will be used as the default backup solution for all Shared web hosting accounts, and available as a premium add-on for VPS and Dedicated accounts.

“We have always sought to identify and offer the best backup and data protection technologies available,” said Jess Coburn, founder and CEO of Applied Innovations Corp. “With Continuous Data Protection 3.0 Enterprise Edition, R1Soft has really taken backup to a new level, allowing us to offer enterprise-level backup capabilities to all our hosting customers.”

R1Soft CDP 3.0 Enterprise Edition includes a number of industry-leading features:
• Reduces the time it takes to backup Windows servers from hours to mere minutes
• Facilitates Centralized Backups, so you can manage backups and restore for up to 30 servers from one control panel
• Includes Bare-Metal Restore and Disaster Recovery for Windows servers
• Utilizes a multi-tenant, central data repository
• Offers maximum data protection for MySQL databases and MS SQL Server
• Features an easy-to-use, web-based interface

“Continuous Data Protection is just one of the ways Applied Innovations is leveraging the Cloud to offer superior solutions to our customers,” continued Coburn. “The benefit to our customers is improved efficiency, total reliability and the utter confidence of knowing their data is totally secure and retrievable, even down to ‘bare metal’ in the case of a catastrophic data loss at the client level.”

“R1Soft is committed to partnering with industry mavericks like Applied Innovations to introduce CDP technology to their customer bases,” said David Wartell, vice president of R1Soft, a division of BBS Technologies. “CDP backups offer many convenient and innovative features that will enhance the hosting experience for Appliedi customers. By offering a premium backup service like our CDP 3.0 Enterprise Edition, Applied Innovations proves that they are serious about uptime and offering leading edge solutions to their customers.”
To view the complete Press Release, click here .

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