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smartermailApplied Innovations is continually improving it’s infrastructure, processes and procedures and this year is no different.  We’re focused on our shared hosting infrastructure and have been identifying customer painpoints and working to eliminate them.  Today we’re officially announcing that we recently completed maintenance on all of our shared infrastructure mail servers to bring them all to the latest stable build of SmarterMail, version 11.

One of the major pain points for our team and our customers is that we’ve always operated multiple versions of SmarterMail across our mail platform.  This was due in part to the cost of upgrades, the time involved in the upgrades and the perceived impact on our customers that the maintenance could impose. However, over the past few weeks we set out to move forward with unifying our mail server platform and bringing all of our customers to the same version of the same software. This upgrade brings all of our shared hosting mail servers, some of which were several versions behind, up to the latest build providing all of our clients:

  • A modern UI that supports over 17 different languages/dialects.
  • Smart-phone and tablet / mobile ready web interface
  • Team features including the ability to share calendars, contacts and even messaging.
  • The ability to migrate from other mail services like Gmail, Yahoo and Office365/ to Smartermail.
  • Improved denial of service protection, bruteforce detection and the ability to safeguard against dictionary password attacks.
  • Improved Contact support including the ability to download contact vCards
  • Imrproved reporting and real-time dashboards.

As you can imagine upgrading a large number of mail servers running a commercial product like SmarterMail can be costly (though comparatively SmarterMail does provide a great value) but we see this as an investment in our customers and an opportunity to provide them a better mail experience.

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I hope you find the new mail servers features welcomed and encourage you to log into your webmail interface and poke around if you haven’t in a while. You’ll be pretty amazed at some of the new features.  Lastly, below are a few resources to help you with SmarterMail 11.

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