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Earlier this month, SmarterTools announced the release of SmarterTrack 5.x and SmarterMail 6.9. If you’re using earlier versions of these products, you’ll definitely want to check out the Release Notes to review all the features and improvements. Links for the Portals and Release Notes are available below:

SmarterTrack 5.x Release Notes Portal

SmarterMail 6.9 Release Notes Portal

Last year, SmarterTools announced a new Upgrade Protection plan.  If you elected to purchase this plan, you just need to download the upgrades from the SmarterTools Portals. However, if you don’t have Upgrade Protection, you will have to purchase a license in order to take advantage of any new release.  And we definitely recommend you sign up for Upgrade Protection, while you’re at it.  This way, you’ll stay current for the next 12 months, no matter how many upgrades are released.

SmarterMail 7.x Public Beta

In addition, a Public Beta for SmarterMail 7.x was just announced. New planned features include improved searching and indexing, message flagging, a synchronization center, file storage, multiple system administrator logins, a redesigned webmail interface, and more. Information is available in the SmarterTrack 7.x BETA forum, where you can find instructions for participating in the BETA, release notes, and download information.

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