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Preparing your cloud migration with Azure Migrate

Reading Time: 6 minutesAs the Azure platform becomes more powerful and affordable each year, forward-looking companies are increasingly looking to move their on-premises VMs to the Azure cloud. However, given all the intricacies and dependencies involved, it’s not always clear how to prepare your VM workloads to make the move. This is where Azure Migrate comes in. Azure Migrate is…

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The 3 Top Challenges You Might Encounter with Azure Migration

Reading Time: 4 minutesIf you run an online business, you’ve probably heard of Azure – the Microsoft PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) since 2008. If not, you will most likely stumble upon it when you consider switching to a cloud hosting platform. Cloud hosting became very popular due to its lucrative qualities as compared to dedicated servers. However, moving your data to a cloud…

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