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Microsoft Cloud Resources for Non-Profits are Making a Difference

Reading Time: 5 minutesTechnology has enabled companies in every industry to simply do more with less. That has been great news for businesses everywhere with perhaps one exception, non-profit organizations. What is ironic but hardly funny about that is this, of all the companies and organizations that could most benefit from being able to do more with less,…

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Google Services You Can Take Advantage of as a Nonprofit

Reading Time: 5 minutesIf you’re involved in running a non-profit in some fashion, you should know that Google Cloud and Google Cloud Platform has some resources that could give you serious aid. Here’s an outline of these resources including how they can help, as well as how and why you might want to use them. Google for Nonprofits…

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Amazon AWS and Other Resources for NGO’s and Nonprofits

Reading Time: 5 minutesNGOs and Nonprofits looking to get some additional aid for their organization can do so through Amazon Web Services. Here’s some information about Amazon Web Services for NGOs and Nonprofits including data about signing up, what the various services are, and how they can help you grow your Nonprofit and perform your mission. AWS Overview…

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