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Storefront E-Commerce Hosting

The Storefront(.net) E-Commerce Acquisition

Last week I joined Freestyle Solutions (Formerly Dydacomp) in announcing that storefront e-commerce ( was officially acquired by my company, Awesome Commerce LLC ( With this acquisition we’ll be building a new cloud based e-commerce platform that will expand upon the storefront shopping cart legacy and the leadership in e-commerce cloud hosting that Applied Innovations has established.

The storefront hosting accounts, hosted in Amazon AWS, will be remaining in AWS but management will be transitioning to the Applied Innovations team. The will allow us to expand upon the hosting options for those customers and provide a much fuller experience.  I expect this transition to complete within the next 30 days.

The storefront intellectual property will remain with AwesomeCommerce where we’ll be launching a new cloud based hosted e-commerce solution. The new system will be all cloud based and deliver the features and functionality that e-commerce merchants today desire to be competitive. Best of all, because we now own the Storefront technology we’ve been able to build a migration tool that will allow storefront merchants to migrate from their existing stores to the new platform and in the process it will import the product catalog, the customers and the customer orders allowing for a seamless migration that will save both time and money for those merchants. The first phase of the new AwesomeCommerce solution will launch for early adopters at the start of June. If you run storefront today I would encourage you to sign up for the early adopter program at

Those customers that wish to remain on the storefront shopping cart platform are certainly welcome to do so.

I’m extremely excited about this acquisition and announcement. Storefront played a key role in the early success of Applied Innovations and today we still host for many of our early storefront customers as well host a good deal of storefront sites.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly.


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About Jess Coburn

It's Jess's responsibility as CEO and Founder of Applied Innovations to set the direction of Applied Innovations services to ensure that as a company we're consistently meeting the needs of our customers to help drive their success. In his spare time, Jess enjoys many of the things that made him a geek to begin with. That includes sexy new hardware, learning new technology and even a videogame or two! When you can’t find him at the office (which admittedly is rare), you’ll likely find him at the grill or in front of his smoker getting ready for some lip-smacking ribs to enjoy with his wife and two kids.

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