Top 5 Keys to Drive Traffic and Increase Sales

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Websites can be very successful provided they are utilizing the Internet properly. This includes having a user-friendly interface, a positive presence on social media, correct advertising and, finally, knowing customers. Here are some ways to drive traffic and increase a website’s sales:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO can never be stressed enough. Businesses should submit their website to search engines and directories. Keywords and content relevant to the website should be researched well and updated frequently for web crawlers to find. Link a website to others by featuring their articles or content for better search results.

Social Media

Connect the business on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to build a customer base. Be clear about what the business is, what it stands for and the products provided. Social media is the easiest way to engage the public and drive traffic. LinkedIn, specifically, can provide a professional, credible face for the business. If used correctly, the social media page created will also end up on search results, further boosting the business.

First Impressions

Now that there is traffic on the website, the focus switches to converting these visitors to customers. Potential customers generally don’t have the attention span to stay at a site long, so you have to make a good first impression. Make sure the website is user-friendly, designed well and easy on the eyes to catch their attention. Another important element to impressions is speed. Customers will leave if the site is slow to load or lags quite a bit.

User-Generated Content

Having user-generated content on a website has proven to be an effective method for increasing sales. User reviews show up separately on search results, increasing your SEO. Allowing your customers to browse reviews and ratings makes them feel like they are in charge of the transaction. It also gives your website a more personalized feel, which can make the customer feel more engaged and thus more likely to stick with the business.

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Web Hosting

Many believe that web hosting has no effect on the traffic and sales to a website, but using a reliable web hosting service can make all the difference. A reliable web host can guarantee a website is up and running close to 100 percent of the time, and is accessible via any computer with Internet access. A website that is down is not making any sales and its fresh content is not being indexed, which will affect search engine rankings.

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