Magic Behind The Scenes

You count on Applied Innovations to be the Wizards behind the curtain, keeping your website running seamlessly, with no delays or downtime, no glitches or hiccups. In this short video demonstration of Live Migration, have a peek at some of the “magic” that we’ve got up our sleeves.

Live Migration is the movement of a virtual machine from one physical host to another while continuously powered up and running its applications with no perceived downtime by the machine’s users. This means that we can move a live website from one server to another – to do maintenance or updates – without any impact on the user experience. So your site visitors can be conducting transactions, uploading files via FTP, processing forms, whatever. They’ll never know that anything changed; no latency or broken connections or interruptions.

Live Migration is a function of Hyper-V, just one of the enabling technologies built into Microsoft Windows Server 2008, and it’s a key element of the bag of tricks that lets Applied Innovations “do our magic.” Our VPS Hosting plans powered by Hyper-V allow us to offer a cost effective platform at a fraction of the cost normally associated with this level of performance.

In this short video demonstration, we reveal all the secrets behind Live Migration. Suddenly, the hush of anticipation falls over the crowd…

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